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Love to snowboard in winter? Have you selected your boots for the fun activity? Are you worried that you will invest your money in the wrong boots? Don't sweat anymore. Here we will guide you to sort out the best fit for your feet.

If you are a newbie in the world of snowboarding, you have to understand the significance of suitable boots. With proper fit, flex, and stiffness, you can easily start developing the necessary skills of the sport. An ill-fitted pair will provide discomfort to your feet and hinder your snowboarding experience.

As you are starting your experience in this activity, you have to work with basic level shoes and level up with time. To enjoy the sport correctly, you have to choose the best beginner snowboard boots. For this, you need proper knowledge about different elements of the product.

A buying guide provides all the necessary information under one roof. You can quickly evaluate all the factors and funnel down an elite pair. Also, you can clear all your doubts and get answers to common questions.

However, before starting with the guide, let us dive into a brief introduction to the product to understand it properly.

What are snow boots, and why to wear them?

When you are planning to buy beginner snowboard boots, you should know that there are some significant differences between the snow boots and the traditional winter boots. They are different from each other in terms of use and design.

Certain Shoes are specifically designed for icy-cold weather. But you can also use them in wet, muddy and snowy conditions. Unlike winter boots, snow boots can keep your feet dry besides providing warmth in the harshest weather conditions.

Winter boots are designed with a lower cut.

Sometimes, they do not have snow gators, so they can not prevent snow from getting inside your boots. So, if going on a trip to an area covered with deep snow, you must choose the snow boots instead of the ordinary winter boots.

Benefits of snow boots

Some of the significant benefits of choosing snow boots are:

  1. Warmth

Snow boots are required for keeping your feet warm during winter. Designed with thermal rating, snow boots are very effective in measuring the temperature when you are walking in heavy snow.

  1. Grip

It is difficult to walk steadily and securely on slippery ice. Snow boots provide the perfect grip and help to increase traction so that you can avoid any accidental slipping.

  1. Durability

Having a pair of snow boots means you will get better ankle support, and they will keep your feet dry and warm effectively. Snow boots are incredibly durable, which means they last longer, and you can use them to protect your feet from elements without any replacement.

  1. Support

Snow boots provide maximum support to your ankles and feet, and thus they help to increase your steadiness while walking on the snow. Extra padding and supportive lace are very useful to deal with the slippery ground.

Riding styles

  1. Beginner

If you do not have any previous snowboarding experience, you should go for the beginner snowboard boots without any second thoughts.

Usually, stiff boots work with more accuracy where the soft boots come with more tolerance. It means you are allowed to move in the snowboard without any difficulties.

Therefore, it becomes easier for beginners to have better control over the snowboard so that they can enjoy riding without any severe consequences of their mistakes.

  1. Park/Freestyle

Soft boots are appropriate for soft boards that are used for freestyle riding. Soft boards are preferred for flex, so soft boots are essential to be in sync with the board when it comes to bending.

It also allows your ankles to tweak comfortably. When you perform landing jumps, these boots support you with extra leniency.

Also, you should look for such soles that have an impact dampening feature coming together with air pockets to minimize the force.

  1. All Mountain

If you plan to ride in different terrain, it will be better to choose the soft boots. They will provide proper support and comfort to your feet.

These boots can be the ideal option for the beginners looking forward to their first experience.

  1. Freeride

When you are riding in deep snow and want to ride technically, that will need the highest control. Without having stiff boots, it is difficult to have that much control.

These boots are made up of rigid materials, and the advanced design helps to distribute your weight properly so that you can get the needed control in any complicated situations.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Beginner Snowboard Boots

Boot lacing

When you are about to buy beginner snowboard boots, you should carefully check the boot lacing system. The style determines your comfort and keeps your heels and ankles in the right place.

Typically, three types of lacing system are found in the snow boots, including:

  1. Traditional laces

This is the most common type of boot lacing, which is infallible. It is tried-and-tested for years so you can rely on them without any doubt. Moreover, there are some snow boots that allow you to replace the regular laces with some designer laces.

  1. You can customize the fit of the boots by increasing or reducing the tightness.
  2. They come at a cheaper rate.
  3. You can locate the replacement laces without any hassles.
  1. You may find it a little difficult to tie the lace when your hands are cold or covered with gloves.
  2. They are prone to get loose accidentally.
  1. Quick-pull laces

This lacing system has a corset-like design that works effectively with a single pull. It is suitable for zonal tightening so you can have better tightness. You are allowed to tighten the less around ankle or lower leg area separately.

  1. This lacing system is fast, as well as convenient.
  2. You can tighten the lace even after wearing gloves.
  3. You can tuck away the lace pulls easily.
  1. It may seem a little complicated initially.
  2. Some riders have a problem with the laces because they can not tighten them properly for a snug fit.
  3. Eyelets can develop pressure points for some boots.
  4. They are also prone to get loose unintentionally.
  5. Breaking laces can hamper your riding badly.
  1. Boa system

In this lacing system, cables with a small diameter are attached to the dials to provide a snug fit. They are perfect for the lower leg and foot.

  1. You will need one hand to tie the laces because they are convenient to use.
  2. You can adjust them even after wearing gloves.
  3. It can shed slop and grit effectively.
  1. You are not able to customize the snugness of the upper and lower foot area.
  2. Eyelets can develop pressure points.
  3. They are expensive.

Boot flex

  1. Soft

Snow boots designed with soft flex provide better mobility. If you are looking for beginner snowboard boots, you should choose the soft flex models for maximum mobility.

People who spend an extended period of time on the mountains can choose soft flex snow boots. They are comfortable and resilient, as well.

  1. Medium

Medium flex snow boots are ideal for mixed terrain. If you ride in different terrains, you can select the snow boots designed with a medium flex.

These boots get the mobility from the soft flex and control from the stiff flex. With this great combination, they are appropriate for all-mountain, and you can use them in any type of difficult conditions.

  1. Stiff

Having a stiff flex snow boot means you will get the highest control and support. These boots are renowned for their stability.

If you love to ride at high speeds and perform stunts, you can go for this option. With this stiffness, you are allowed to have extra stability and better control so you can perform well in an odd terrain.


Boot liners are important in terms of comfort. They remain inside the boots to hold your feet comfortably. Both removable and non-removable liners are available in the market. You just need to choose according to your preferences.

There are three liner types, such as:

  1. None Moldable

They are inexpensive but require the highest break-in period. These liners are commonly used in the snow boots and get the shape of your feet with time.

  1. Thermoformable

These liners are costlier than the previous one. They can form to your feet by using heat. The heat, as well as pressure, can mold the liner after a long-day use.

  1. Custom moldable

They are the most expensive. They are specifically designed for your unique feet setting. It is recommended to customize the liners from the store instead of doing it at home.


If you spend a lot of time on the mountain every day, it will be wise to get the snow boots providing maximum comfort. Having uncomfortable snow boots will increase the chance of sore and blisters in your feet.

  1. Shock absorption

Snow boots designed with a better shock absorption feature ensure maximum comfort for your feet and ankles. Also, your knees and hips get better support so you can ride comfortably.

If you want to do freestyle riding, you will need good traction. So, you have to compromise a little with the shock absorption. But for beginners, it is required for overall comfort.

  1. Calf bite

Some riders have the issue of calf-bites with the bindings and boots. So, you can walk around in the boots you are going to buy to make sure that they are comfortable enough without having any calf-bite.

Proper fit

You should pay attention to the right fit of the beginner snowboard boots before you make a purchase. You should never overlook the proper fit just to get the boots at a lower price.

Without a proper fit, it will create pressure points, affect the responsiveness, and develop sore and cramp in your feet. If your snow boots do not have a snug fit, it will not stay in the right place. This movement can have a bad impact on the response of the boots that will reduce their performance.

For beginners, soft flex snow boots can be a good choice that offers a smooth give for the riders. You can avoid having sore feet with the right fit.

On the other hand, if you choose the boots with a tighter fit, it will develop pressure points. Also, you will not want an extreme heel lift, as it can affect the responsiveness and cause discomfort in turn.

Boot footbed

If you ask any experts, you will get to know about the difference between the stock footbed and custom made footbed. So you must check the footbed of the beginner snowboard boots for maximum comfort.

Polymer or cork is used to make the custom footbed that can be matched with the contours of the feet in an exact way. You will need the help of the technicians who can trim sand the footbed perfectly.

It will provide comfort to your feet. Besides, you can avoid any type of misalignment.

You should remember that the shape of the feet and legs differs from one person to another. Some people are Pigeon toed, where others have problems with the length of legs.

To get rid of these problems, you should go for the custom footbed to ride on the snow without any discomfort.

Binding footbed

You can find your snow boots with adjustable, removable, or custom made footbeds. Accordingly, the binding on the board comes with a footbed. You are allowed to modify the footbed as per your convenience.

Therefore, it is vital to consider the binding footbed of your snow boots.

Binding footbed works effectively to increase your riding experience. Some riders prefer to have a damping system, which is actually a footbed made up of foam or rubber.

It helps in decreasing the energy and force of impacts that come into the feet through the snowboard. You can choose this footbed for both jump landing and simple riding as well.

The binding footbed also plays a significant role in adjusting the cant, which helps you to tilt while standing. It will give you support in the best possible way whether you stand on your pinky toe or big toe side.


Before you go to buy beginner snowboard boots in the store, you should know that the size of the boots differs depending on the manufacturer. Though a traditional US number is used for sizing, you should check the sizing list given by the manufacturers properly.

For example, manufacture A comes with an outsole sizing 11, which can be a bit longer than the same size as the outsole comes with manufacture B.

Furthermore, you will find some snow boots available with low profile models. A shorter outsole will allow you to ride on a narrower board efficiently.

Also, the ramp angle has a significant role in deciding the size of the boots you are able to put on your snowboard.

You should also keep it in mind that smaller boot size requires narrower boards where larger size will be appropriate for wider snowboards.

Tips for right size and feel

  1. While choosing the beginner snowboard boots, you should make sure that your toes are reaching up to the end of the boot liners, and you can move them comfortably.
  2. You should check how much heel lift occurs while rocking onto the toes. It helps to transfer from your heel to the edge of the toes very quickly.
  3. You should be careful that the boots are not pinching at sides.
  4. The boots you have chosen should not create any pressure points.
  5. Supposedly, when you are in the trainers, you will need size nine. But it may change while you are in your snow boots. You may need to increase or decrease the size to get the proper fit.
  6. You should bear it in mind that the size of the snowboard boots varies according to the manufacturers. Also, you can get different models with different flex and width from the same manufacturer.
  7. It is suggested to take time and do not make any decision randomly. Go through the reviews, ask questions to the boot technicians so that you can have the right idea of your boot size.


This is one of the most critical factors you should consider when you are choosing your snow boots. Especially if you are a beginner think twice before investing a hefty amount on these boots. It is not mandatory to get the most expensive snowboard boots for the first time.

When you know what your requirements are in advance, you can narrow down your options accordingly. Different types of boots are available in the market with a wide variety of prices. So you just need to check the fit properly to make sure you can perform well.

Softer snow boots come with a cheaper price rate, which means you can buy functional beginner snow boots without breaking the bank. Most of the companies offer a reasonable price for the beginner boots.

You can go for a used model to have the advanced features at a lower price, but it will be risky in a way.

Importance of socks

You may wonder why it is crucial to get the right snow boot socks, but without making the right choice, you will have to compromise with your performance and comfort.

Therefore, you should never trivialize the fact that you need the best socks that are specifically designed for beginner snowboard boots.

Usually, these socks are built with synthetic and merino wool, which can hold warmth effectively. Also, they have moisture-wicking properties so they can keep you dry in wet conditions.

Besides polypropylene, wool works in a significant manner for insulation that will keep you both warm and dry.

If you want to avoid cold feet, you should not pick up cotton materials because cotton can not prevent your feet from getting wet.

Moreover, you can go for thicker socks or double pairs of socks so that they can provide maximum insulation and reduce wet feelings caused by snow and moisture.

How to clean your snow boots

In order to enhance the longevity of the beginner snowboard boots, you should clean them at regular intervals and maintain them in a proper way.

Mud, dirt, salt can damage the fabric of your boots. In addition, damp old boots can give birth to fungus and bacteria to a large extent.

Tips for cleaning outside

  1. Take some warm water in a bowl.
  2. Remove the dirt from the exterior of the boots with the help of a wet sponge or brush.
  3. Clean off the dirt from the sole with that wet sponge.
  4. Let your snow boots dry naturally.
  5. You can use a newspaper that can absorb moisture quickly, but you should be careful about the prints.
  6. If you think you need to reproof your boots, you can use waterproofing spray.

Tips for cleaning inside

  1. Take off the snow boots when you reach home so that your feet do not sweat heavily inside.
  2. You should always use breathable socks to avoid sweating.
  3. After removing the boots, let them dry in the air.
  4. You can use talcum powder, baking soda, etc. to get rid of the odor.
  5. It is better to replace the insoles so that they will not become the breeding ground for bacteria.


  1. What is the best boot flex for mobility?

If you are spending a lot of time on the mountains and want to provide maximum comfort to your feet, then opt for soft flex. The flex provides adequate mobility and support to your feet.

  1. As a beginner, should I opt for stiff, medium, or soft flex shoes?

You should opt for shoes with flex ranging from soft to medium flex. The shoes will be easier to break into and will provide adequate support and comfort. Don't purchase stiffer boots as you won't be able to control them right away.

  1. Which are the cheapest boot liners?

If you are looking for a cheap option, then you can opt for non-moldable liners. They come with a low price tag. However, your feet will have to struggle to break into them and adjust appropriately.

  1. I am a greenhorn in the world of snowboarding. Is there anything crucial that I should look out while purchasing new boots?

Yes, you should be aware of the heel lift. You have to understand that when you lean forward, your bones will try to leave the board and so you need to invest in boots that prevent it. A heel lift can ruin your snowboarding experience and can even lead to unfortunate accidents.

Final verdict

With all this in-depth information under your possession, what are you waiting for? Go through this extensive guide and evaluate your requirement with all the critical factors present in it.

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