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Are you looking for the best baitcasting rods? How do you choose the right baitcasting rod? What are the thoughts and considerations you should make? Even the most experienced anglers get bewildered when choosing the baitcasting rod.

Rod is an essential tool for any angler. It's their primary tool through which they fish. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to make the right choice. You might be looking for something worth your money. Is baitcasting the right choice for you? Don't you worry!

This guide won't confuse you but slowly unravel all the answers. You will get clear information and concise tips with proper details. Finally, with the baitcasting rods buyer's guide, you can make the right decision. The aim is to help you choose according to your style, preference, budget, and other factors.

However, before you get in-depth about the consideration, it's vital to determine if a baitcasting rod is what you need.

What is a baitcasting rod?

A baitcasting rod is another specific type of casting rod. It works optimally with your baitcasting reels and provides you with better control. With better control, you can aim for a better catch. Your distance for casting increases dramatically, and so does control over hook and line. For anyone looking to excel in baitcasting, a specific rod is paramount.

The primary benefit is that you can mount the reel on the top of the rod that brings better action and power at your disposal. Furthermore, with the shape of the rod, you can decide whether you want better wrist action or a more massive line for fishing.

Baitcasting rod is very similar to traditional rods, but with modern innovation for better control. It brings you full-fledged control over reel and casting, which is an essential part of this type of fishing.

Therefore, the counterpart, spinning rod, is preferred more by beginners and casual fishing enthusiasts. People who seek to hone their skills or catch bigger fish with more control and expertise use baitcasting rods. A baitcasting rod can either be your best asset or worst enemy, as it depends on your skills.

Reasons to buy a baitcasting rod

The impeccable control and vast casting distance remain the primary benefit of a baitcasting rod. For many traditional anglers, it is their bread and butter. In other words, this is what many old-school fishers prefer.

Similarly, a baitcasting rod is the right choice if you want to fish from the shorelines. That's right! If you don't feel like going in the waters on your boat, this is a perfect choice. You can sit by the docks or shores and enjoy a day of fishing while relaxing.

However, it doesn't mean that baitcasting isn't great for other forms of fishing. You can use it in waters and a wide range of options.

Baitcasting rods are very flexible, and if you choose the right baitcasting rod, you can excel better in fishing than any other rod. Many people overlook their benefits due to the availability of different rods. But if you're here, you probably understand the value. Here are some more services of baitcasting rods and the reasons to buy it:

Cast heavier lines

The best benefit of getting a baitcasting rod is its heavy-duty performance and sustenance. It is remarkably well for all types of fishes from lightweight to heavyweight fish. Many rods fail to provide you with efficient casting for thicker and denser lines.

However, with baitcasting, you can even cast the line at a longer distance. This enables you to get a better reach for fishing. It's another reason why baitcasting rods are better for shorelines, as well. Even for deep waters, they prove to be a significant aspect. After all, you would need heavier lines to get deeper into the water.

Better line control

Apart from heavy casting, you get unprecedented control over the lines. While other rods may falter and whatnot, baitcasting rods remain optimum in performance. There's a 'bird's nest' phenomenon that scares and discourages fishermen from using more massive lines. From lightweight to heavy, you get better line control.

Some might argue that spinnerbaits offer better control. That's not true as spinnerbaits offer more 'ease of use.' Meanwhile, with baitcasting, you get more powers and options, including a braking system to ensure that you can efficiently catch your fish. While it might require you to pay more attention to controls and better skills, you can't deny the fact that it all means better control.

Slow down the lure

The one thing that baitcasting enables you that other rods fail at is the ability to slow down the lure. As mentioned before, many anglers don't like the bird's nest effect. A baitcasting rod would allow you to control the speed of the lure and not have it at the mercy of the water flow and pressure.

You can control the speed of the lure and decide how deep or how far you want it to take place. This makes baitcasting rods exceptionally versatile for a wide range of applications and fishing requirements. You can use it in different types of waters.

Slowing down lure has a lot to do with the disturbance they create when you cast the bait. With this feature, you can essentially create no disturbance. The sound or vibrations won't be as intense. Thus, you won't scare the fishes away and manage to have higher chances of catching.

Maintain connection with the lure

Many rods feel light on the lure, and you might have a more challenging time keeping it under consistent observation. If you don't want to consistently focus on the lure and focus on other activities, a baitcasting lure is better. With a proper connection to the lure, you can feel any action and decide what needs to be done.

Thus, it also enables you to level up your game and determine the fish's path. Some fishes are very tricky, and it can be challenging to find the right way to tackle them. By using baitcasting rods that offer exceptional connection to the lure, you highly increase the chances of catching the fish more effectively.

Factors to look for when buying a baitcasting rod

Welcome to the ultimate guide to buying baitcasting rods. This guide will give you some information that you can use for choosing other rods as well. A baitcasting rod is highly versatile, and most of the considerations will depend on the user.

The big three in baitcasting rod

The primary consideration that you'd have to make regarding the baitcasting rod is the combination of the big three. The power, action, and length of your baitcasting rod will significantly impact the overall results. More importantly, power and action are prioritized oversize. Here's a quick rundown on each one of these aspects.


The power of a rod has a classification of 'lightweight, heavyweight, and medium weight.' If you choose a lightweight rod, it will bend easier. Thus, that's better for small fishes. However, that's not the aim here. A baitcasting rod is much better for larger fish. Hence, moderate to heavyweight rods are better in this aspect.

Power roughly means the amount of pressure it will take you and the fish to bend the rod. Thus, it can also impact the durability of your rod. That's why people use heavy baitcasting rods with slow action for optimum results.


Some manufacturers use the same 'heavy-medium-light' type of classification for action. Others use speed 'fast-slow' action. To quickly help you with the decision, if you plan on catching bigger fishes, slow action would be suitable. As that's what baitcasting rod excels in, it's a better choice.

Slow action baitcasting rod also brings you the ability to use lures with multiple hooks. You won't have to be on alert and pay attention to the surrounding consistently. A moderate speed action is versatile but better for bottom baits and what not. However, slow action becomes out of the question and consideration of any kind.


Take it from the experts, the longer the baitcasting rod you have, the better. You can go as long as 9 feet with the rod's length and still get tremendous results. It's because a longer baitcasting rod brings you more control and an easier time handling the fishing aspect. Therefore, if you want to get the best of the spectrum, get a long rod.

Correlatively, shorter rods are better for narrow waters and other regions. However, you will most likely use some other method of fishing there, so it doesn't matter much. You can still go for medium if you're unsure and reap similar benefits.

The material of the rod

If you're worried about the cost of your baitcasting rod, then this is the primary aspect that can help you reduce or increase the price. A baitcasting rod is available in fiberglass, graphite, and carbon material.


A fiberglass rod is highly cost-effective but less durable than graphite. If you want a cheaper option with a rod that gets the job done, this is a reasonable consideration for you. Similarly, this material is better for medium or light action rods. It won't last against heavy fishing as much as a graphite rod would.


Graphite is undoubtedly more sensitive and more potent than fiberglass. It brings you better durability and ease of fishing. This is the industry standard, and most of the manufacturers have started to provide graphite rods over fiberglass.

Carbon compound

This material will put you back hundreds of bucks as it is a premium-grade material that's highly durable. Carbon rods don't rust or break and provide better sensitivity than fiberglass or graphite. However, as carbon is an expensive material, it's going to be a costly choice for any angler.

The grip of the rod

There are a split grip, a full grip, and a pistol grip. Depending on your style of fishing, you will have to determine which type of clasp will suit you. As baitcasting is traditionally for longer distances and heavy fishing, it would be better to choose a full grip. Split or pistol grip is suitable for light to moderate style fishing.

The second consideration is the one hand or two handholds. If you genuinely want to use an authentic baitcasting rod, then two hand grips are the way to go. However, some prefer one hand to use the reel better, so you can make a compromise here.

Are you left-handed or right-handed? Always make sure that you get the right side. Of course, baitcasting reels are better for both handed users. Hence, it won't make much difference here.

Personal buying considerations

In this segment, you get a quick overlook of how you can make a personalized choice regarding the baitcasting rod. This will help you narrow down your options after the considerations mentioned above. Even if you don't want to read the guide above, this is an 'easy way to choose a baitcasting rod.' Here's everything you need to know:

Type of the lure

First, consider the type of lure you use. This won't significantly impact your rod choice but determine the kind of action and power you might need. Some lures dive deeper into the water while others would remain on the surface. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to consider the type of lure.

This will enable you to decide the line guides and other aspects you would have to consider regarding the baitcasting rod.

Your fishing style

Each angler has a unique fishing style, and you might have developed yours. It's better to experiment and get a better outlook of your style before using the baitcasting rod. Some types won't suit you. If you're someone who loves control and freedom to make various moves to control the outcome, a baitcasting rod would be great.

However, if you're someone who wants a straightforward approach to fishing without too many efforts, a baitcasting rod becomes less useful. Hence, you have to determine the right style strongly. But don't be discouraged.

If you want to enter into the baitcasting route, you can start with more comfortable and more straightforward, entry-level rods. It will save you money and help you test the waters about whether baitcasting rods and fishing are for you or not.

Consider your budget

It's not about safety, but about your expertise and how frequently you go fishing. How dedicated are you fishing? If you're someone who takes occasional trips once or twice a year, then you might not want to invest excessively in a premium-grade budget.

Whereas, if you're more frequent, then it becomes vital for you to get a better rod with value for money. Graphite would cost more, while fiberglass would be the cheapest option available. There's no reason you choose carbon baitcasting rods unless you're sure that you want long-lasting rods for performance.

Many competitive anglers choose carbon fishing rods. Your budget should matter in terms of the quality of the rod and the features it offers. However, if it doesn't provide much and only waves' brand' for the price, you should look for better alternatives.

Style of baitcasting

The style of baitcasting is determined primarily by the type of fish. Consider the species of the fish you want to tackle and the level of 'game' you wish to indulge into. If it's a larger fish, then a baitcasting rod's standard stiffness and durability could help. This being said, if you get a substantial baitcasting rod, then you will have a better time catching bigger fish around the water.

Freshwater or deepwater is another factor of baitcasting rods. In deeper waters, you would need more power and action for the baitcasting rod, while in freshwaters, you will suffice with less powerful rods. Of course, you can't deny that a baitcasting rod is the best option you can get for shore fishing.

Overall, the style of baitcasting is all about how you fish, where you fish, and the species of fish you want to catch. Make sure to give this a vital consideration to choose the right baitcasting rod.

Feel the rod

You can undoubtedly find a rod online and purchase it. Modern convenience is remarkable, but it's better always to test and feel your rod before buying it. For this, you might want to go to a nearby store. If there isn't a nearby store, you should order it from an online store that offers returns if you're not satisfied.

When you feel the rod, you have to check for the grip and the quality of the rod. Make sure that it is compatible with the type of reel you use and much more. The grip would be the determining factor here as you'd have to see how comfortable it would be. A right rod would prevent any fatigue for you. Always test the rod before you buy it. This will save you from a lot of trouble and confusion.

Reel seat

It's another aspect that depends on your preference. However, you'd have to make sure that the reel seat and rod are comfortable for you. It should fit perfectly with the rod, and you might have to carry your reel with you to test out different rods for perfect fitting.

There aren't too many options for buttons, levels, switches, and other placement. It's entirely up to you and your style.

Line guide

There are two types of guide for baitcasting rod to consider – small and micro. While there isn't much difference, and it comes down to your preference, the micro guide seemingly performs better. Many anglers have noticed the difference in insensitivity. Most of them have been able to cast farther more efficiently. So, a micro line guide would be an optimum choice.

FAQs: Best Baitcasting Rods

Q: Is baitcasting rods better than spinner rods?

A: A spinner rod is more beginner-friendly with simple functions and ease of handling. However, if you want to have complete control over your fishing experience, a baitcasting rod would be better. It makes you control everything from the line to the fishing and especially casting. Therefore, in the end, it breaks down to your preference for the type of rod.

Q: Do I have to use baits instead of lures for baitcasting rods?

A: If you want to use lures or jigs, a spinner rod would be a better choice. Baitcasting rods are better with real baits. However, it doesn't mean that you can't use other types of lures and baits with your baitcasting rods.

You can very much choose whatever you want to fish with. Since baitcasting rods are more in-line with the traditional fishing style, using real baits would be better for authentic appeal. Regardless, modern fishing has changed, and you can use lures or jigs just as efficiently.

Q: Should I change my rod to baitcasting?

A: If you are an experienced angler or a fishing enthusiast, you might love an authentic baitcasting rod. On the other hand, if you're young and seeking to develop an interest in fishing with proper skills, baitcasting might be too much.

Still, baitcasting is an excellent choice if you want to become a better angler in the long run. As a general rule of thumb, it's better to always experiment with different types of rods.


What you're looking for is the right combination of action, power, and length that would suit your specific requirement and style. For this, you will have to consider your fishing style. Perhaps deciding the type of waters or shore you plan would help you with that. Apart from that, the kind of lure you use and its compatibility with the baitcasting rod would make a significant impact.

As an angler, baitcasting rods could be a significant asset for you if you play your cards right. For more massive fishes, it is a boon. However, it's equally versatile as other options available. You might have to customize it a bit.

The guide aims to elaborate on various points and make it easier for you to make the right choice. We hope that the guide managed to help you look past brands and other marketing options to find the best baitcasting rod with some tips and essential advice. / - © Copyright 2020