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Protecting your babies from the icy-cold weather is imperative. They have weak immunity and can easily catch a cold, leading to further severe diseases. But don't worry. Baby snowsuits are here to the rescue.

The suits are soft, light, and provide your special ones adequate amounts of warmth. They protect the babies from the chilling temperature and are quite comfortable.

As the skin of babies is quite sensitive, you have to look into every aspect of the suit to ensure proper comfort and fit. With so many things changing, you can't waste your time analyzing different options.

A comprehensive buying guide presents all the useful information under one roof. You can quickly skim through the pointers and funnel down the best suit for your baby.

So, without any further ado, let us dive into this guide and strike out the best product.

What do you mean by Baby Snowsuit? Why do you need them?

As a parent, it is more important to take care of your children during the winter seasons so that they do not catch a cold easily. The best way to keep your child warm and protected is to find the top quality baby snowsuits.

As the name suggests, a baby snowsuit is a special type of clothing designed for the children to give comfort in colder weather conditions. You must make sure that your children are adequately covered when they are in a snowy and chilly environment.

Winter season can cause a headache to a parent who has a new-born baby. Only having the best snowsuits can help them to keep their child dry and warm even in the coldest temperature.

Wearing a baby snowsuit, your little kid can move comfortably on the snow without any difficulties. If you are going on a short trip to a colder place, it will not be very essential to buy a snowsuit for your little one.

However, it depends entirely on the area you live and how you want to enjoy the winter to decide whether you should buy a baby snowsuit.

Things to deem while selecting suitable baby snowsuits


Buying clothes for your youngsters could be a great matter of concern, so you should always follow the company's size chart and choose the right size of the snowsuits according to your child's age, height, and weight.

It is highly recommended to buy a snowsuit, which is larger than the standard size. So, you will get enough space to wrap your child with layers under the snowsuit.

However, you should never overdo it and make sure that your children can walk comfortably without tripping. Also, extra clothing can make them stifled, which can impede their free movement.

When you are going to buy a baby snowsuit, you should keep it in mind that you can not use it over two sessions. With the growth of your children, it will become smaller for them to wear comfortably.


Besides size, you must check the right fit of the baby snowsuits. You should consider some factors like the growth rate of the baby, the number of layers your baby needs inside the snowsuit, etc. before choosing the correct fit.

It will be better to choose a baby snowsuit with a snug fit. It means that a snowsuit that is not too tight or too loose can be an ideal choice for your child.

You should make sure that the winter suit can keep your children warm without creating any discomfort when they are moving.

However, it is a little challenging to find the right balance, so you should check a different combination before making a purchase. You can use an old baby snowsuit to get a better idea of the fit.

You will find some snowsuits designed with extendable sleeves and exchangeable waistbands, which can be a perfect choice for the new-born babies.


Choosing the high quality of material for the baby snowsuits has a significant impact on your children's comfort. But the first and foremost thing you should consider whether the material is waterproof or weather resistant. It will allow your children to enjoy the snow without getting wet.

Some of the common materials used in designing infant snowsuits are given below:

  1. Nylon

Most people choose Nylon because of its affordability. Also, it is waterproof and lightweight, so it offers maximum comfort for your children. Nylon takes less time to dry.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is lightweight, and it can retain heat for a long time. But it is water-resistant instead of waterproof and does not offer high breathability. Although polyester is less expensive, you should think before choosing this material if keeping your child dry is the priority.

  1. Polartec

Polartec is cheaper than several other materials but keeps your baby warm in an excellent way. Moreover, it is renowned for its flexibility.

  1. Flannel

Flannel can be a better choice for linings that can retain heat to a great extent. But the best thing about flannel is that it is very soft and comfortable to wear.

  1. Down

Down is an appropriate choice for humid weather, but it is expensive. Though down is a little heavier, it ensures better insulation. You can choose water-repellent down so it will not lose the warming capacity when it gets wet.

  1. Fleece

Fleece is able to hold up the heat, and thus it helps to protect your child from the cold weather. But one major downside of fleece material is that it creates sweat, which can be uncomfortable for the children.

  1. Taffeta

Taffeta is lightweight and works as an excellent insulator. You can choose it for more comfort. But, remember that it is costlier than down.


You will want to have an infant snowsuit with an attractive design that will make your baby look cuter. With a view that many companies come up with different designs so that you can choose what suits your baby the best.

A wide range of designs and colors are available in the market for the snowsuits that can enhance the look and protect your kid from the cold in an effective way.

One of the most common designs includes the bunny ears attached to the hood. Moreover, you will get lots of styles and colors.

This is high time you came over the usual blue and pink division and started to try different mixed colors for both the baby boy and baby girl.


You should never compromise the comfort of the clothing with anything, especially when it comes to choosing the best snowsuit for your baby. However, it will be stupid to compare your kid's comfort with your own.

Always remember that your baby has more sensitive skin, so you must choose a material that does not cause irritation to the skin. Though you cover your baby with some layers under the snowsuit, it will be better to pay attention to the material for more comfort.

The primary purpose of using a snowsuit is to protect your children from cold and wet. Besides, it should be comfortable enough so that they can move without any difficulties.

There are several baby snowsuits available in the market that are soft and have better warming capacity. Having a breathable snowsuit can be a boon for the babies as it will keep sweat away effectively.

You should look for some possible openings so that fresh air can run through the suit properly.

Waterproof or Water-resistant

If you live in a cold environment, you must make sure that your baby is dry and warm all the time. Therefore, you should choose a baby snowsuit which can prevent water from getting inside.

But when it comes to deciding waterproof or water-resistant, parents usually get confused.

Having a waterproof snowsuit means that it can water from soaking in, so your children are allowed to play and enjoy in snowy weather without even getting wet.

When it is water-resistant, the snowsuit can repel water up to a limit. A water-resistant snowsuit is not able to keep the moisture out in an efficient manner.

So, you can look for a water-resistant snowsuit for a short trip, but you must consider the waterproof feature for sledding.

One-Piece or Two-piece

It depends on your personal preference, whether you want to have a one-piece or two-piece snowsuit for babies. Both of these baby snowsuits have their own positive and negative sides.

For example, if you have a new-born baby who is very small in size and does not have much mobility, you can go for a one-piece snowsuit. These snowsuits are designed with an attached hood, jacket, and pants.

A one-piece baby snowsuit can be an excellent choice for your baby because it offers better insulation and keeps your baby warm for an extended period of time. Moreover, it is easy to put so it will not be a big problem to remove the suit quickly for a bathroom break.

On the contrary, the two-piece snowsuits allow your child to roam around freely. Also, these snowsuits provide better breathability for the children. There will be an opening where the jacket meets the bib, so it will let the air run through the suits.

However, you should also make sure that the opening should not allow the snow to get inside the suit. Otherwise, it will cause discomfort to the children.

A two-piece baby suit is more convenient to manage so the children can go to the bathroom without your help. In case your child feels too hot, it will be easy to remove the jacket.

You will see some two-piece snowsuits which are not equipped with gloves, cuffs, or boots. If you think these are essential for your babies to keep their feet and hands protected, you must choose the snowsuits accordingly.

Zip it or button it

When you are buying a baby snowsuit, you must take into consideration what suits your children the most because it is ultimately all about their comfort.

Little kids are more likely to do different things with their snowsuits, so it will be better to select long zippers instead of the buttons.

With a large tab, it is easier to pull the zipper for your toddlers. But they may find it challenging to use the buttons properly.

Many parents prefer mittens to protect the tiny fingers of their children. You can look for a snowsuit that is designed with stretchable elastic cuffs.

Moreover, if you choose a higher collar, you should check the softness in advance. It will increase the comfort of the youngsters.

Temperature Rating

If you want to enjoy the snow with your whole family, you must pay attention to the clothing of the smallest member in the first place. This is why you must check the temperature rating of the baby snowsuits to get the best one for your baby.

Generally, a standard quality snowsuit can withstand -10° Celsius or 14° Fahrenheit, so you can easily choose this for skiing and sledding.

In general, you should consider some extra layers for the children because they tend to lose heat more quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a warmer baby snowsuit to ensure that your baby is fine.

If it feels warmer, you can remove the layers, but you will find it challenging to keep your baby warm in the colder situation. Also, buy a waterproof snowsuit to make sure the insulation works appropriately.


Another essential factor that you must consider while buying the snowsuit for babies is warmth. A snowsuit that offers the right amount of heat has paramount importance for the younger ones.

A good quality snowsuit will keep your children warm, but it makes sure that they do not feel too hot inside. In case they feel extremely hot, it will be wise to remove the layers under the snowsuit.

If the temperature fluctuates frequently, it will cause serious illness. So, you must choose a snowsuit which can reduce overheating.


You must check this factor beforehand to ensure that your children are protected from any type of illness caused by overheating. All the baby snowsuits should keep the baby warm without sweating.

If your baby starts to sweat inside the snowsuit, it may cause hypothermia during colder weather conditions.

So, what you need to do is to examine the neck and back area of your baby girl or baby boy to make sure they will not sweat profusely under the snowsuit.

Convenient to put

You should always bear in mind that you are choosing the snowsuits for your new-born babies. So, if the suit is not convenient enough to put in, it will be useless.

Usually, it is a task to make your child prepared for the winter stroll, and it requires good skills and patience. You should make your baby girl and baby boy wear the snowsuits just before you go outside.

It will be better to get a snowsuit that can be fastened very quickly without putting any extra effort. This is the reason why most of the parents are likely to have zippers instead of buttons to get rid of the hassle.

Age, size, and weight of the baby

When you are about to pick up a toddler snowsuit, you should never overlook the age, height, and weight of your little baby. It will help you to find the perfect baby snowsuit without any hassle.

You will find the baby snowsuits available in the market with different sizes and styles. But, you must follow the size chart given by the manufacturers so that you can have the right idea of the size of the snowsuits.

If you find a company that does not have any particular size chart, it will be a better decision to go for one size larger than the regular size of the baby.

It is needless to mention that a small and tight snowsuit will cause discomfort to the babies. It may impede their free movement and reduce their space for growth.

Therefore, you should be very careful of all these factors and buy the baby snowsuit accordingly.

What are the other winter accessories to cover the child

  1. Underwear

For your little kids, you should choose long underwear designed with an absorbent and breathable fabric such as cotton.

If your children are outside for an extended period of time during cold weather, long underwear will provide better insulation for them.

However, you should not consider long underwear for warmer days.

  1. Socks

Before putting the baby snowsuits on, you should not forget to put the socks on the feet of your child prior to starting an outdoor journey. The socks should be made out of wool, polypropylene, or a blend of wool and silk.

These materials are useful for insulation. You should make sure the socks are not too tight. Otherwise, they will restrict blood circulation.

  1. Hat

By having a close-fitting hat, you can cover the ears of your children. It is very crucial to cover their head when the temperature is down. You can choose wool for better insulation.

  1. Scarf

It is highly recommended to have a scarf or neck warmer to keep your child protected from the chilly breeze. Choose a tube-shaped scarf to prevent the cold effectively.

  1. Gloves

Another essential accessory that you must consider is a glove. Gloves and mittens can be an excellent choice to keep the hands warm and dry for the children. You should always carry an extra pair for emergency purposes.

  1. Snow boots

Some snowsuits are available with snow boots. So, you should check the snow boots because they can keep the kid's feet dry and warm. Get the right fit in the shoes to make sure they will not slip off easily.

How to wash and store a baby snowsuit

It is essential for the protection of the toddlers to have baby snowsuits when you are living in a colder region where you need to encounter a lot of snow for an extended period of time. Also, you should apply different cleaning methods for different materials.

Nevertheless, you must know the right way to clean and store the snowsuits after the winter season is gone. It will ensure that the snowsuit will be in good condition until the next winter season comes.

  1. While cleaning the snowsuits, you must be careful of the shapes and designs. So, if you are not sure enough that you can do on your own, it will be better to go to a dry cleaner to clean the snowsuits properly. Use a plastic bag to carry the snowsuit so that you can store it directly after dry cleaning.
  1. You can also consider the fabric wash according to your choice. You must wash the snowsuit in a delicate way that will help you to prevent any type of damage. Also, you can add any fabric softener of your choice that will keep the snowsuit soft when not in use.
  1. Consider the gentle cycle to dry the snowsuits. Make sure the suit is dry and then use a storage bag to keep the suit. It will save some space and keep dirt and debris away from the suits.
  1. Furthermore, you should choose a warm and dry place to store the snowsuit. It will ensure that the snowsuit will not soak moisture and remain intact for the next winter.
  1. There is hardly any doubt that cleaning and storing the infant snowsuits can be a significant concern for the parents. You will invest a good amount of money to buy the best baby snowsuit.
  1. If you fail to wash and store it properly, you will need a replacement within a short period of time.


  1. What are bunting suits? Are those the same as snowsuits?

No, both are different products. Bunting suits give a hint of a wearable blanket while the snowsuit has legs. The former product has a hood attached to it, while for the latter, it is not mandatory.

  1. How should I make my baby ready for the snowsuit?

Always put some extra layers beneath the suit. Babies lose heat swiftly than the adults, so adequate layering under the suit can keep your baby warm and comfortable. Try to look for cotton cloths as they give a snugly fit and have high breathability.

  1. We live in an area where it regularly snows, and temperature takes a dip to the lower side. What temperature rating should I opt-in my baby snowsuit?

Go for top quality suits that are appropriate to wear in temperatures down to minus ten degrees Celsius. Add some layers under it and then make your baby wear a soft suit for adequate protection.

Summing Up

Baby snowsuits present a quick and effective way to protect your loved ones from the cold weather. All you need is to buy the best product.

With this guide under your possession, you can quickly go through the pointers to wrap your head around all the necessary elements and sort out the best option. Choose an elite suit and keep your babies safe. / - © Copyright 2020