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Aloe vera lotions can be a lifesaver that provides instant relief to the skin. It is an incredibly effective remedy in the scorching heat. Your body requires hydration and moisturization, even in summer. However, it can get sticky or even too moist with the other types of lotions. That’s where a good aloe vera lotion comes in handy!

There have been countless manufacturers and brands that decided to invest in the aloe vera. There are too many goodnesses in aloe vera lotions if you choose the right one. Therefore, to help you make the right choice, we are bringing you this guide.

In this guide, you will learn about various factors and aspects that make a good aloe vera lotion. More importantly, as it is a matter of the skin’s health, you will learn to personalize these choices. Hence, you will get some additional tips and suggestions to get the best aloe vera lotion that suits your skin type. With that, let’s begin!

Factors to consider when buying aloe vera lotions

The guide has different segments, and each one of these covers a fundamental aspect of the lotion. Get your reading goggles ready because you’re going to learn a lot. These tips might even help you choose other products you use. Remember, this article focuses on ‘aloe vera lotions’ not standalone aloe vera or aloe vera gels, but lotions that contain aloe vera.

Some marketing schemes sell a product as aloe vera lotion or product, but it might have a small portion of the ingredient. You would have to discard them entirely from the list. More importantly, you have to determine the right purpose. Is it for regularly using as a moisturizer or something to use occasionally against sun and sunburns? With that, you will have a more comfortable time shuffling through the factors.

Quality of ingredients

The first vital consideration would be the contents of your aloe vera lotion. As a general rule of thumb, most experts believe that cream should have at least 60% (66.7% optimally) aloe vera gel in a product. That is the value that would make produce ‘aloe-vera specific.’

The quality of ingredients matters because it will determine the cost of your aloe vera lotion. It’s the reason why you might find very cheap lipsticks to high-end expensive lipsticks. The same applies to the aloe vera lotions. No two companies use the same type of ingredients. The quality, quantity, and other aspects primarily determine the result.

Here are some things you would have to take care of while purchasing aloe vera lotion.

Standard GMOs

These are the cheapest option for aloe vera lotions available in the market. Genetically modified organisms or plants are something that uses various chemical ingredients and boosters. The aloe vera would have a boosted growth and might not have accumulated comprehensive nutrition benefits.

As a result, you might not reap exclusive benefits. Some people might have increased health issues due to GMO products, and the same applies to aloe vera lotion. If the label doesn’t specifically state ‘organic’ or ‘vegan,’ it will be a GMO aloe vera, and there’s no denying in that.

If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, you might want to consider this factor strongly. Although present in low quantity, many chemicals might pile up over time to cause more harm than good that you might not realize. It’s better to eliminate GMOs from your life.

Organic or Vegan

Organic and vegan-friendly products often cost more. After all, organically grown aloe vera will take natural time with proper care. The manufacturing process is different. Producers might even use another plant or factory for the production of these lotions.

Getting an organic or vegan aloe vera lotion would mean that you pay for the highest quality aloe vera possible. Most of the studies, benefits, and results you see of aloe vera are related to the organic aloe vera lotions. So, if you want the same benefits and reduce the drawbacks, it is the best option.

Once again, it would cost slightly more than typical GMOs, but it would be worth every penny in the long run. You will avoid many health complications, especially related to skin.

Chemicals and preservatives

Whether you take GMOs or organic aloe vera lotions, the second step for ingredients would be to check for chemicals and preservatives. Aloe vera in itself is a long-lasting agent. It wouldn’t require any preservatives. If your lotion uses these chemicals, that might make up for most of the remaining 40-50% of the lotion’s composition.

Essentially, you might be applying chemicals mixed with aloe vera. Even if you buy organic ones, you have to check whether they have added preservatives or chemicals. A genuine product wouldn’t last too long and would have shorter expiry.

Aloe vera gel can last for two years in storage. Even if you mix that with lotion and other natural products, you should have at least a couple of months before it expires. When considering organic or vegan, make sure the other half of the lotion also uses the same products—for example, using vegan or organic coconut oil or some other essential oils as the mix for the lotion.

Tests and certifications

'Dermatologically tested' is a marketing term that almost every manufacturer might use. It doesn't hold much value as lab testing, or dermatologic testing wouldn't tell you how much they have used in the product. Getting various certifications according to the regulations of your country would be essential.

However, it would be better not to trust anything that uses certification, approval, or ‘lab-tested’ as a scheme on their product. Don’t fall for that! It’s better to read the aloe vera lotions’ contents and quality to make the right buying choice.

Additional qualities of lotion

These qualities will correlate to the ingredients a lotion uses. You might find them something worth considering if you want aloe vera lotions that are right for you. These other qualities will bear different favorable results for you. Therefore, they are very much with your effort and consideration.

Almost every manufacturer will have these qualities and listen to their package. After all, they all want to boost their sales and would like to appeal to the customers.

Boosters or additional ingredients

Check whether there are some additives in the lotion that could benefit you positively. Vitamins and oils are a great choice. However, some aloe vera lotions claim to come with lanolin and melanin contents to aid skin health. Urea is an excellent addition for rough skin and is often found in treatment for eczema, corn, and other skin conditions.

These additional ingredients will make up for the remaining percentage of the lotion. So, check to see how much of the content they have. Getting some boosters are always great as they will save you from using too many products, supplements, and whatnot.

Vitamins & oils

Getting a lotion rich in vitamins like A, E, and C could be highly beneficial for the skin. Similarly, getting essential oils or natural oils like coconut or almond would work in favor. Don’t forget the point about GMO and organic ingredients for these either. However, your lotion cost would increase if you get lotions that are reinforced with vitamins and oils.

It could be very well worth the investment if you’re getting the right quality. However, you would also have to ensure that you can use these oils without any reaction. Some people are allergic to certain oils.


Allergic reactions are widespread, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The best you can hope for is to check each product before applying for it. The primary allergic reaction is usually rough or itchy skin, but there may be other reactions as well. Allergies can be life-threatening, too.

Getting aloe vera lotions that claim to be hypoallergenic is an excellent alternative. Most of the vegan or organic creams would fall in this category. But it’s better never to assume that these aloe vera lotions have the quality. Always check for it to see whether they are safe for you to use or not.

Some manufacturers toss it as a marketing term, too. So, it’s better to double-check.

Skin type

Aloe vera is generally good for sensitive, rough or dry skin. However, some come with a lotion solution that makes them great for other skin types. It would be in your favor to learn about your skin type before you buy the aloe vera lotions.

You can also check the lotions and see whether they support your skin type or not. Sometimes, you might have used cream but still felt dry. In those instances, you will find yourself reapplying the lotion frequently. It’s because the lotion doesn’t suit your skin type. The lotion might be for oily or dry skin, while your skin might be on the opposite end of the spectrum.


The fragrance can tell you a lot about the content and quality of the lotion. It can also help you smell good and fresh for extended hours. However, you also have to practice caution. Added fragrance means some form of chemical unless they depend on a natural ingredient like coconut extracts, vanilla extracts, or other oils. Then it’s outstanding.

Still, as a general rule, the fragrance shouldn’t be too strong or sweet. It shouldn’t become uncomfortable for people. A gentle or delicate smell is always admirable. Nobody wants to know that you bathed in aloe vera lotion today.

Sun protection capacity

Aloe vera is a natural remedy for many sun-related problems. It works great as a sunscreen. Most of the lotions will have an SPF rating of 6 at least. More importantly, these work very well for sunburn, skin scratches, irritations, and other minor medical applications.

However, you can’t assume that just because a lotion has aloe vera, it would fare well against the sun. You have to check for these aspects:

Sun or tan block

There are two different types of sun protection qualities that aloe vera lotions might offer. You will find sunscreen or protection. It means that the lotion will reduce the impact of UV-rays or sunlight but won’t completely block them off. Sunblock implies that the sun rays and UV rays won’t be able to penetrate your skin unless they are of higher intensity than the SPF rating of your lotion.

Finally, tan block means that sunlight doesn’t matter, but the aloe vera won’t allow your skin to turn tan. Each of these specific protections is suitable for different scenarios. For example, if you’re on the beachside, you might want a tan block not to get too tan. At the same time, you might also want sun protection.

Of course, you will find most of the locations with mixed qualities. However, if the lotion doesn’t claim to be effective against the sun, then you’re at the mercy of the aloe vera’s natural sun protection. That’s all.

Sunburn relief

Aloe vera has a natural cooling and soothing effect, so getting sunburn relief as a USP of a lotion isn’t worth considering. If you’re getting charged for sunburn relief in the ointment, consider a different one. Most of the aloe vera lotions will bring you an array of soothing skin benefits. It includes relief from sunburn and much more.

However, some medical lotions might contain aloe vera and other essential agents to reinforce the ‘sunburn’ recovery. Those are entirely different and something to be considered separately.

Things to look for

Before you begin this consideration, you might want to check whether the lotion has specific limits or not. For instance, some aloe vera lotions only work when you are in the sun or have sunburns. Others would be suitable for the face and hands, but not the body. Most of the full-body lotions are great for every part, including the face, and so on.

Dry but plump

A good aloe vera lotion won’t feel greasy or too ‘buttery.’ It won’t create moisture or promote sweat. It will absorb in the skin and offer you a dry feeling as if you never used the lotion. However, your skin will appear rejuvenated, even plump or hydrated, which makes it look better.

Absorption rate

The absorption rate of your aloe vera lotion might depend on your skin type. However, it also depends on the quality of aloe vera. Some creams will absorb quickly, especially for sunburns, to provide immediate relief.

A steady absorption rate will decrease the frequency of using the lotion again. You don’t want something too slow. Otherwise, it will take time for you to wear your clothes after you apply them. After all, the lotion might wipe off the clothes if the rate is too slow.

Frequency of use

This is related to the other factors, but the frequency of use means how often you would have to use the aloe vera. Even if the aloe vera absorbs quickly, it shouldn’t fade away from the skin. Even if you think that your skin is dry, it should look revitalized. Cheaper aloe vera lotions require more frequency to use. Even if you have a higher quantity, it wouldn’t matter.

Therefore, a quantity of the lotion isn’t everything. You have to check to see how frequently you would have to use the aloe vera to get results according to the purpose. For example, if it’s a skin treatment aloe vera lotion, it might require you to use it once in the morning and once before bed. Sunscreen aloe vera lotions might need reapplying once every couple of hours.

Ease of application

How easy is it for you to apply the lotion to your skin? Can you use it before bedtime, or is it for active day time? The ease of application of the cream has a lot to do with the timing. It’s packaging and model also plays a role. After all, we’ve all been on the stage where the bottle was too heavy. Maybe you poured excessive lotion on the hands, and now you don’t know how to apply it. All of these minor factors fall around the ease of applications.


It’s worth checking the quality of the aloe vera lotions. After all, you wouldn’t want to get something too costly. If the quantity is too low for the price, check for it. It’s easy to have the impression that you’re getting the same quality for the price. However, that’s not the case most of the time.

You might also want to check how much quantity it takes to apply the lotion each time. Some aloe vera lotions require a couple of drops, while others may require a puddle of ointment for the entire body.

FAQs: Best Aloe Vera Lotions

Q: Who should use aloe vera lotion?

A: Almost everyone can use aloe vera lotions. There’s no restriction or specific requirement to use these products. You don’t need to have any particular problem either. If you like to maintain healthy and plump skin with proper hydration, you can use an aloe vera lotion.

Q: What are the benefits of using aloe vera lotion?

A: There are countless benefits to using aloe vera. It helps in reducing or removing tan, hydrates, and moisturizes the skin. Several nutrients in aloe vera help in the healing and recovery of the skin. You can use it for minor medical treatments like an ointment for cuts, burns, and scratches. More importantly, aloe vera is a natural sun blocker. It is also an excellent choice for those who have oily skin and can’t use other types of lotion to leave them sweaty.

Q: Is aloe vera edible, and what about lotion?

A: Aloe vera in gel form is edible. You can eat the skin of the aloe vera and the gel content without any side effects. There are aloe vera juices and supplements in the market, as well. However, lotions might use various contents, especially chemicals and preservatives, that won’t make them edible.

On the other hand, if you get 100% organic or vegan lotion, you might take a nibble without affecting your health. It’s better to apply things rather than eating them.

Q: When is the best time to apply aloe vera lotion?

A: There isn’t any best time, you can apply aloe vera whenever you like. Aloe vera lotions are primarily suitable for tropical or hot climates. Therefore, you can use them during the summer better. If you are indulging in a specific outdoor activity with the sun out, it would be a great idea to apply the lotion. Most experts also believe that after showering and before bed are the best times to use the cream.

Q: Are allergic reactions possible with aloe vera lotion?

A: Anyone can develop or have an allergic reaction to anything. Although there are very few cases, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction with an aloe vera lotion. It could be due to something in the contents or the ointment, or perhaps it’s the aloe vera. Therefore, you have to carefully check for what is in the lotion before applying it to your skin.

Q: Is it better to use branded aloe vera lotions?

A: There’s no reason for you to choose prestigious brands. Most of them use the power of their name to sell overpriced products. There are many startup or small scale businesses that bring you brilliant products, including aloe vera lotion. The brand shouldn’t be a determining factor for choosing an aloe vera lotion.


Well, that’s everything you need to know before you go into the market for aloe vera lotions. Yes, even something as simple as lotion can use a lot of considerations. Hopefully, you found the article useful without getting into the complicated scientific explanation.

In the end, it all comes down to what suits your skin, purpose, and the pocket. As long as you can get a high value for money there, you will have good results.

Aloe vera lotions are sort of a ‘must-have’ in today’s world. They are practical and have a low chance of adverse reactions or effects! For the delicate touch and nurturing of nature, you can get a great an aloe vera lotion today! / - © Copyright 2020