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Aloe Vera Juices are like supertonics for your body. They are packed with several minerals and vitamins that boost the immunity of your body.

Being a natural product, there are no harmful side effects of the plant on the body. It helps your body to lose weight and removes all the harmful toxins.

But, selecting the right product is necessary to save your body from the adverse effects of fake products. For this, you need to deem into several elements of the product. This task can take a lot of your valuable time, and you may end collecting the wrong facts and details.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide presents all the necessary information packed under one roof. You can quickly go through it and funnel down the best product.

So, without any further ado, let us first understand the benefits of the product and then move further with the guide.

What is aloe vera juice? What are its benefits?

Let's give our junk foods a pause and concentrate on being healthy! We know it sounds impossible, but you have to lead a healthy life. Well, do not worry, as we are not going to force you to eat the veggies that you don't like. But there is a better solution.

Coming from the genus species Aloe, Aloe Vera is a succulent plant. You will find them mostly in tropical areas. The juice extracted from the flesh of the leaves of aloe vera is known as aloe vera juice.

It is a thick, green gooey liquid, and the sight may make you uncomfortable, but not if you drink it! This juice is made by crushing and grinding the leaf, and then after the filtration process, it is being sold.

Let's get onto the benefits to make you aware of how valuable this juice is.

  1. Hydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most neglecting habits of humans. Aloe vera juices treat dehydration. Since it is water-dense, it helps in detoxing your body by flushing out the impurities.

Your kidney and liver stay healthy as they do the job of detoxification of your blood. If you are into workouts, you can rehydrate yourself by drinking aloe vera juice instead of coconut water.

  1. Prevents Constipation

Do you have trouble with your morning routine daily? Well, aloe vera juice can come up as your rescue.

The juice increases the water content in your intestine and makes the peristalsis process smooth. It also keeps the bacteria away and keeps your intestine healthy.

  1. Gives you a boost of nutrition

The aloe vera juice is full of nutrients. It is highly rich in Vitamin B, C, E, and folic acid that keeps you healthy and is a way to be sure that you do not lack any nutrition.

Aloe vera juice also contains other minerals in a minimal amount:

  1. Zinc
  2. Calcium
  3. Copper
  4. Magnesium
  5. Selenium
  6. Chromium
  7. Sodium
  8. Manganese
  9. Potassium

In case you are a vegan or a herbivore eater, you should be thrilled as aloe vera juices are rich in vitamin B-12.

  1. Functioning of Liver

The liver helps in detoxifying our body and also clears out the impurities. The long road to living a healthy life is by keeping your liver healthy! As aloe vera juices are rich in nutrients and highly water-content, it is the best way to keep your liver healthy. Liver functions the best when your body is hydrated.

  1. Beneficial for Digestion

Indigestion is one of the most common problems that is suffered by many daily. If your system is not working flawlessly, then you should consume aloe vera juice. It has enzymes that help break down the food particles and reduce the irritation in your stomach. Aloe vera juices also cure people who have ulcerative colitis.

  1. Relief from Heartburn

In case you are suffering from heartburn, then aloe vera juice can help you. The secretion by your stomach can be controlled by the compound present in aloe vera juices.

It also gives you relief from gastric ulcers and prevents them from getting large.

  1. Flawless skin

Acnes and pimples are stubborn uninvited guests on your face that do not want to leave you quickly. As aloe vera juices are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it protects your skin and reduces UV radiations and prevents wrinkles.

It also cures your skin of diseases like dermatitis and psoriasis.

  1. Beauty tips

Aloe vera juice can even make your simple makeup look more glamorous and also used for health needs.

  1. You can use it to get relief from sunburns and rashes
  2. Apply before foundation as a primer
  3. Can work as a makeup remover
  4. Is a lightweight moisturizer
  5. You can use it for the irritated scalp.

Aloe Vera juice benefits you a lot. In case you cannot drink it raw, you can easily mix it with any liquid or even smoothie.

However, many companies sell aloe vera juice, and you have to opt for the best among them. So our guide will help you make you aware of all those factors that you need to know before you purchase your aloe vera juice.

Let's take another step forward to a healthy lifestyle!

Things to deem about while purchasing aloe vera juices

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you also have to look for the right quality products. So let us check out the factors that make it best in its quality.

Percentage of Aloe

The most crucial factor that makes aloe vera juices of high quality is the percentage of aloe in it. Imagine you got a product, and the aloe content is the lowest, then what is its utility? Always check the content label, which is on the back of the bottle. The juice is more beneficial if the content of the aloe is high.

However, suppose you are drinking it for an immune health system, healthy digestion, and detoxification in your body. In that case, you need to look for 99% aloe content. This percentage will benefit you the most, whether its juice or pulp.

It is best advised to have aloe vera juices after your heavy workout or even when you are going out in the sun. It helps you in rehydrating and keeps detoxifying your body. However, suppose you don't like the taste of raw aloe.

In that case, you can make an aloe vera juice and water combination or even drink it with other fruit juices. The percentage may reduce to 20-30%, but it will keep you refreshed. You can even try mixing it with different smoothies or juices and invent something new!

Ingredients and Sugar

There are many aloe vera juices companies that have different content in the juice. It is your responsibility always to inspect the ingredients present in the product you wish to purchase. The elements are present on the backside of the bottle.

Always look for organic and pure content. Search for products that have near to 100% of aloe content in it. Try avoiding artificial ingredients if you can find a product that uses lemon juice as a preservative than it is highly suggested.

Sugar is an ingredient that you must try to avoid when drinking aloe vera juices. If you find a product with high sugar content, then avoid purchasing that product.

Always buy the ones that are free of artificial sweeteners and even sugar. You do not want diabetes to deal with when already you are aiming for a healthy lifestyle!

Intended Use

As aloe vera juices have many uses, you have to know about your purpose. Ask yourself why you are looking for aloe vera juice? What is your intention of using it? Based on the answer, you have to purchase that particular type of aloe vera juice.

Suppose you want aloe vera juice to detox your body from impurities, keep you hydrated, improve your digestion and healthily keep your intestines.

In that case, you need to purchase the product that is free of any color, emulsifiers, sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Look for the one that has high aloe content.

However, if you are looking for aloe vera juice to keep your hair and skin healthy, you need to buy the product with one-consistency. Avoid the ingredients that irritate your skin and hair and will result in reactions.

In case you are looking for aloe vera juices that can keep you dehydrated after a workout or going in the sun. You can drink the flavored ones or even the ones that are mixed with other juices.

Packaging and Shelf life

Aloe vera juices in glass bottle packages are much more preferred as glass does not have any harmful chemicals that will leach into the liquid. But the plastic container is more practical, and if you observe, then you will find that most of the aloe vera juices are packed in plastic bottles.

The recycled tetra packs are also used for the packing of aloe vera juice.

Certain conditions are to be followed, as the plastic should be free of BPA. The presence of BPA may result in toxic elements to leach inside the juice. The packaging should be done efficiently to protect the juice from exposure to the sun, light rays, UV radiations, and rains.

These all cause oxidation that may result in the breaking of the liquid inside and perish quickly.

The shelf life of aloe vera juices is 2-4 weeks, and it is abridged. Once you open the aloe vera juice bottle, it is exposed to sunlight, oxygen, and heat, which quickly brings terrible.

Once you open the bottle, always keep it in the refrigerator. In case you keep it for long, then there will be a stinky smell that will keep birth to fungus and molds.

Suppose the aloe vera juice has ingredients like citric acid and potassium sorbate. In that case, the shelf life will extend for a long time. Do check the expiry date printed on the back because you need to consume healthily and quality products.

IASC seal

The IASC seal or International Aloe Science Council seal is a meaningful sign. Look for this label on the preferred product that you want to purchase.

However, the title is often misunderstood. It is not just about the quality of gel but also about the "truth in labeling."

You can follow the below steps to get benefitted from the IASC seal:

  1. Whenever you purchase a product, go to the legal IASC website and examine whether the company's name is present on the list or not.
  2. Inspect if the label is not a pirated one. Nowadays, it is straightforward to make lookalikes of the same symbol. Do not get fooled.
  3. Examine whether the product you are buying carries the seal and is known as 'juice' or 'gel.' If yes, you can take a sigh of relief as the product contains at least 95% of aloe vera.

If you understand the use of the IASC seal, then it can be very beneficial to you.

Color and Taste

Nowadays, you can quickly get catfish by a product that looks similar to aloe vera juice but is not real. You have to be aware of all these fraud products. Always inspect and examine the color and taste of the aloe vera juice that you have purchased.

At times, people sell water in the name of aloe vera juices. If the product that you purchased tastes like water, then there is a high chance that you are consuming water. The liquid must have a similar consistency to grapes being crushed and ground into juice and have particles.

If, at the very first sight, you mistook your aloe vera juice to be grape juice, then it is entirely natural. This is a sign that you have purchased a high-quality aloe vera juice. Try your best to avoid purchasing fraud aloe vera juice products.

Water Dilution

To check if your aloe vera juice is diluted with water or maybe preservatives added, always read the percentage about its contents.

If the ratio of aloe is high in your product, then it is safe to purchase. Always remember to check the aloe vera concentration in the product that you are planning on purchasing.

Gel or Rind

To purchase high-quality aloe vera juice, you cannot skip this critical factor of gel and rind.

You have to consider whether your product's juice is made from the outer side of the rin's inner side. The palatability and even the fiber content of the product get harmed by this.

Drug Interaction

In case you or any family member of yours takes insulin, or hypoglycemic medication, then consuming aloe vera juice might be a problem. Since aloe has a low potassium count, patients with heart diseases may encounter specific side effects.

The blood clotting abilities might even go low if you consume aloe. We do not suggest you consume aloe orally before any surgery. A particular type of anesthesia might even reduce the clotting of blood.


In case you are worried about the price of aloe vera juices, you should know that they are not expensive. Even the liquid and gel come at a very reasonable price, and since it's a medical ointment, its demand is high. Moreover, cheap ones tag along with some kinds of stuff attached.

However, we suggest you buy an expensive product because the aloe content will also be high and more trustworthy. Do not go for cheaper products.

Good Brand

The brand name or company is very vital for purchasing aloe vera juice. Please do not go and buy anything that has the label "Aloe vera" on it.

You need to examine and inspect that the product is authentic and reliable to use. Check the aloe vera content before purchasing your product. Search up the brand on the IASC website to be sure that it is legal.

Do not make any haste and choose your product wisely. With the right product comes useful utility! Invest in something that does not go waste.

Forms to avoid of Aloe Vera

There are certain forms that you do not need to acknowledge while purchasing aloe vera juice. Let us give an insight into those forms for your better understanding.

The aloe vera with the whole leaf

There are two probable reasons to avoid this particular form:

  1. Since the plant grows out in the wild, the outer skin of the leaf is highly toxic. This is because they protect themselves in the wild.
  2. Certain nutritious parts of the juice will also get lost if the product is filtered in such a way so that the outer toxic skin can be removed.

Double Strengthening of Aloe Vera

If aloe vera is reconstituted with water after boiling them and then freezing them down, they can only achieve this. Well, it creates a problem because:

  1. The nutrition value will reduce and won't be significant due to the leaves' boiling and freezing.
  2. The juice gets effective because of the natural water content of aloe vera. But due to this process, it gets dried up.

It is best advised to look for something natural as the nutritional value will be high.

Carbon Filtered/Homogenised form of Aloe Vera

The filtering of aloe vera leaves reduces the nutritional value and even effectiveness. However, this is unnecessary; some manufacturers try to liquidize the whole plate and then try to filter out the toxic materials from the outer rind.

They do it mostly because of marketing tactics and sell it at lower prices. There are two forms:

  1. Carbon filtering removes essential vitamins, minerals, and even enzymes. Vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B12, folic acid, and even some carotene and fatty acids get washed away.
  2. In the process of homogenization, the juice is forced through tiny holes with a lot of pressure, which results in the loss of a lot of natural goodness.

Pasteurized form of Aloe Vera

The juice loses its natural goodness as it gets boiled at a very high temperature. This process is the same as the pasteurization of milk.

However, it is not at all compatible with aloe vera juices. This might kill the germs and bacteria, but aloe vera needs other sanitization processes. Since pasteurization is cheap, it is considered by the manufacturers.

These are the forms that you should avoid while purchasing aloe vera juice. Buy only the natural product that will provide you with its goodness.

Side Effects

Even though aloe vera is beneficial, you need to be highly cautious when you are using it. Ingesting an aloe vera often causes a lot of side effects. The yellow juice near the rind, also known as the aloe latex, can be very peril.

Before drinking, or even applying the product, make sure that you are not allergic to it. Here is a list of side-effects that aloe vera may cause:

  1. In case you have to use aloe vera daily, try avoiding the yellow latex area as it may cause a reduction in potassium from your body. Cardiac problems and weakening of muscles may occur due to electrolyte imbalance.
  2. Suppose you are prone to the aloe vera products that contain the yellow latex. In that case, you might have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
  3. Diabetes patients should monitor their blood sugar levels while consuming aloe.
  4. Aloe vera should be avoided during pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage and uterine contractions. While breastfeeding, even, it is not at all recommended.
  5. People with kidney problems, must not consume a lot of aloe latex as it may cause kidney failure.

If you follow all these steps, then you can easily lead a healthy lifestyle. You know all secrets of a good quality aloe vera juice. Now you can choose your ideal juice without any risk. Have a healthy life!


  1. Can I consume the drink daily?

Yes, you can drink the juice daily under the prescribed limit. Always intake decolorized juice that is totally purified.

  1. How many times should I take the juice in a day?

Typically, four ounces is the limit for a day. However, follow your physician's instructions before taking the juice.

  1. Can aloe vera juice aid in weight loss?

Yes, the aloe vera juice accelerates the metabolism of your body and improves your digestion. You can easily shed some pounds by consuming the drink regularly and proper exercising.

Final Verdict

With all the information on aloe vera juices under your possession, what are you waiting for? The juice is packed with tons of minerals and vitamins that promote good digestion and boosts your immunity.

Here, in this guide, we have presented all the critical pointers to watch out while selecting a suitable product. Go through them and invest your money in the best product. / - © Copyright 2020