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Above ground pool ladders become indispensable if you want to have uninterrupted fun in the pool. These provide you with a range of comfort, ease, and safety vital for the swimming pool. However, there are too many options, models, and designs available in the market.

How can you choose the best above ground pool ladder? For that, there are certain factors for you to consider. Not the budget, you have that figured out already. However, what can you get in that budget? More importantly, does the ladder fulfil your requirement?

There are many things to consider when you're buying an above ground pool ladder. Therefore, this guide will help you by elaborating on these points. It might even have some valuable information or tips that you might have never considered before. Some frequently asked questions and a thorough guide should fulfil all of your needs for information. So, let's begin:

What is the above ground pool ladder? How is it different?

An above-ground pool ladder is specifically designed to work with the pools. While in-ground pools have a different and often one-sided requirement, the above-ground pool requires a platform on both sides.

Any pool ladder is different from a conventional ladder as these come with bolting and fixing options. They are compatible with the pool and firmly hold themselves against the pool. Thus, you can use them to get in and out of the pool.

Similarly, you can’t use them for other purposes as these don’t have too much elevation. Just enough to get inside and out of the pool conveniently. Many people don’t consider ladder for an above ground pool because most of them are shallow.

However, there are countless benefits to getting an above ground pool ladder.

Benefits of purchasing an above ground pool ladder following this buyer’s guide

If you have elderly or children, it might not be easy for them to get inside or outside the pool. You may potentially injure yourself while getting inside and outside the pool. That's where the above ground pool ladder comes into play. It eases up the process and provides you with a range of benefits. Let's take a quick look at these benefits.

If you’re wondering about whether above ground pool ladder is worth it or not, these reasons should be able to provide the right answer:

Increase the safety

Pool safety and regulations are important almost everywhere. By adding the ladder, you decrease the chances of accidents like falls or slippage. More importantly, if you or your neighbors have children or pets, a pool ladder can make it easier for them to get inside the pool. Correlatively, you can also remove the ladder to prevent their entry into the pool. Thus, boosting security overall.

It is also a great option if you want to restrict access to the pool. Some above ground pool owners get larger walls and then a pool ladder to decide when people can access it. This drastically reduces the chances of unsupervised use of the above ground pool.

Provide more comfort

Adding a pool ladder would bring you a range of comfort and leisure. You can get inside and outside of the pool more easily. We all have suffered through the part where we feel heavier getting out of the pool. It could even become impossible to get outside the pool if you feel too heavy.

A pool ladder, especially for above ground. Will reduce the efforts you’d have to put into getting out. This is especially great for children and the elderly.

No damage to pool walls

The walls of the above-ground pools are not always durable. They can be thin and fragile enough that if you decide to get out by trying to climb through, you may potentially break them. This could lead to compromising the entire pool activity. It could also injure you if you end up breaking the wall.

Thus, if you want to eliminate any chance of damaging the pool walls while getting in or out, you should consider an above ground pool ladder.

Enjoy your activities

If you’re having a party or a pool-related activity, ladders provide the utmost comfort and convenience. You can get in and out while holding a tray of drinks of food. If you have to carry something, it makes everything easier. More importantly, it opens the options for you to host or participate in a range of pool activities that would otherwise be inconvenient.

If you want endless uninterrupted fun, then it becomes vital for you to get pool ladders.

Factors to consider when buying an above ground pool ladder

Finally, you are ready to buy an above ground pool ladder. It’s about time for you to get into the considerations. This guide is going to keep it easy and bring you the most relevant points. It might come as a surprise, but it is not as easy as buying a shoe or an ice cream. Even those things have countless options.

Similarly, above ground pool ladders are available in many different types, designs, features, and much more. To prevent any confusion, these are the most important factors to consider:

Type of ladder

There are commonly two types of above ground pool ladders available in the market. They are known as the A-type ladder and easy steps ladder. Here's a quick explanation about both of them:

A-type ladder

An A-type ladder has a ladder or stairs on both sides, with a central point that divides them by fixing it on the pool. It allows you to have the convenience of installation, and you can easily get in or out. While it is quickest to install, it might not be as sturdy as the easy steps ladder.

Most of the time, it is a ladder-type in design more than the stair type. However, there are stairs and steps available in A-type. These ladders' balance is evenly distributed, but they might be a little less firm on the hold. These tend to occupy more space inside the pool if you decide to have stairs steps or something similar for the design instead of the ladder.

Easy steps ladder

An easy step ladder is more like a ladder with steps on one side and a ladder on another side. Thus, it makes climbing into the pool easier. As above ground pools can be shorter, it doesn't consume too much space inside, as there will be a ladder design for the inside.

These usually have a fixing mechanism or sturdier grip despite the lack of proportions on both sides. Often, these are a little more time-consuming to install but provide better stability. Some easy steps don't require any installation or dependence on the pool at all.

You can attach them against the above ground pool's wall, and it will provide you a way to climb into the pool. However, it might lack steps on the other side. In simple words, the easy steps ladder has more flexibility in design, model, and feature to choose from than the A-type ladder.

Compatibility and adjustment

Before you get into the essential factors to consider, it is vital to understand the compatibility. If your above ground pool ladder is not compatible with your pool, then it will be useless. Everything will be for the naught. Therefore, it is crucial to check for compatibility.

Above ground pool ladders often show the compatibility they offer. However, it might be a little challenging to find a ladder that fits your pool's model or design. Therefore, you can take an easier route and calculate the size of your pool. After that, you can consider the following aspects for compatibility:

Size of the ladder

The size of the ladder would be the first consideration for compatibility. The steps of your ladder should reach and touch the ground without any problem. However, if you want them to hang a little high, that's no problem either. It should fit your pool without hanging above the pool's wall as that could compromise its balance and hold.

A perfect size would be the one that firmly fits with your pool, nothing less or more.

Adjustment options

It could be highly beneficial if the ladder has size and width adjustment options. This provides you with almost universal compatibility to fit on any above ground pool. More than that, you have the flexibility to decide the size, width, and other factors. Thus, you can lower it if it is consuming too much space.

Adjustable ladders might require frequent maintenance of their parts to protect them from water damage. However, that's true for all the ladders and their joints. So it isn't a big deal. However, you have to ensure that the adjustments are easy to carry but not too easy for a child or pet to disturb them.

Sturdiness and firmness

Apart from compatibility, adjustment, and size, you have to look for the appropriate options. Is it a simple above ground pool ladder that requires you to place it against the pool? That won't provide enough stability to get in and out, and it could potentially slip away.

Bolting option and right grip are paramount for above ground pools to prevent accidents. That's the whole point of buying the ladders, more safety. Thus, you might have to look for a ladder that will fit your pool firmly. Alternatively, you can check to see what 'fitting' options they offer.

If they offer better options to increase your ladder's stability with optimum hold, you should certainly consider it. The sturdiness and firmness of your pool will play a vital role. Sometimes weight or imbalance from people can lead to the displacement of the ladder. To avoid that, you need proper fittings.

Safety features

Of course, the entire point of investing in above ground pool ladders, apart from convenience, is safety. For this, you can consider some extra safety features they might have. There isn't much that can be done in the safety department of the ladder. However, here are some things that you can look for:

Child and pet safe

This feature would prevent children or pets from possibly displacing the ladder or reconfiguring the adjustments. That's pretty much it. It's like a child-lock that many tools come with. Ladders are not that different either.

Ladder extension feature

It could be a good idea to get a ladder with extendable legs to touch the ground and provide an option to climb. Therefore, when you don't need them, you can retract them. It discards the requirement to remove them from the pool completely.

More importantly, any children or pets won't climb if they can't reach the retracted ladder. Thus, with added convenience, it also increases safety. This is a great choice as above ground pool ladder if you can't supervise your kids or pets consistently.

They won't suddenly get inside the pool and splash. Thus, increasing overall security. Some of these ladders come with keys and locks for their legs. So it makes things easier, and other people won't be able to use it either, without your permission.

The anti-slip or adhesive property

This factor should be more in the material and other considerations. However, it fits very well with the safety features as it could be an optional thing. Some above ground pool ladders come with material or covering that provides an anti-slip platform. This is especially important for the railings and the steps as water could turn the platform slippery.

If you want to prevent accidents, it would be better to get something like a ladder with a rubber coating that provides a little adhesive quality for your palms and feet. It can also protect you from accidental slips. This increases the grip on the ladders, as well.

Sometimes, the added texture on the ladder, steps, and grips can provide similar results. That’s worth looking into if you don’t want to invest too much in anti-slip properties.

Type of steps

It might come as a new piece of information, but pool ladders do have different types of steps. It could be vital to consider the type of steps because it will inevitably play a role in ease of climbing, comfort, convenience, and, more importantly, safety.

However, as they are the prominent aspect of the ladder, the type of steps also determine its size and space consumption. So let's take a look.

Step design

Some steps are rounded and look like traditional ladders. Some above ground pool ladders have wider and rectangular steps, as well. However, the most convenient and sturdy ones are the ladders with stair-like steps and design. Those are safest to climb on and off.

Most of the time, people are afraid of the vertical climb and descend of a standard ladder. Thus, better steps can help them eliminate any danger of slipping and other similar dangers.

Size of steps

A general rule of thumb for the above ground pool ladder is that wider is better. If you can get wider steps, then they are safer. That’s all you have to consider here in terms of the size of the steps. However, if the steps are too big, it could also occupy more space in your pool.

Foldable steps

Think of these like flaps. These steps are foldable, either individually or have a mechanism on the side of the ladder that allows it. Now foldable steps could be a great addition and could work as a replacement for a retractable ladder.

You can choose to fold or unfold them according to your climbing requirements. Some foldable ladders with their flaps could even allow you to have a ‘sliding ride.’ This could be an entertaining addition for guests or kids. However, these are fairly rare and tend to be more costly.

The weight factor

When you think about the weight, you will inevitably think about the weight of the ladder. That’s an important factor to consider. However, the amount of weight the ladder can support plays an equally important role. Here is a quick overview of both of these factors:

Weight of the ladder

The ladder's weight will make it easier for you to carry it or install it according to your convenience. It mostly depends on the features the ladder offers, the size, and the material. So if you want more user friendly or convenient to move the ladder, you might want a lightweight addition.

Heaver ladders would be good if you want to bolt the ladder to your above ground pool permanently as they would provide better sturdiness. Of course, it also means that lightweight ladders are more prone to getting disbalanced than heavyweight. So for balancing factors, you might want to consider the weight as well.

However, for that, you can also choose the right weight support.

Weight support

The right weight support of the ladder will enable you to accompany the right type of people. It can also determine if a single person or multiple can use the ladder at a time. Most of the time, weight support is essential for the durability of the ladder. Excessive weight can lead to potential accidents or breakage of the ladder.

Correlatively, better weight support means that your latter will be more sturdy. It won’t have a problem holding its own against the pool for people to climb. Thus, weight support is a critical consideration to make when buying above ground pool ladders.


You have to strongly consider the fact that your ladder will inevitably be exposed to water. Thus, waterproofing becomes important for the ladder and its components. The ladder could also support a waterproof coating to make it easy to maintain it.

Anti-UV protection could be equally important if you have an open-air above ground pool. Your pool and the ladder will consistently be exposed to the sun. The harmful UV rays can degrade the integrity of any material. Your ladder is no exception. Thus, it would be better if there is anti-UV protection.

Both of these protections will mostly cover all of the aspects. Of course, you will need proper anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation material or protection for the ladder. For this, you can check your water's pH level and determine the right level of protection it would require.

FAQs: Best Above Ground Pool Ladder

Q: How to maintain the above ground pool ladder?

A: It depends on the material and quality of your pool ladder. However, you’d have to clean it as you clean your pool. Some pool ladders may require you to provide them an extra coating for an anti-weather or waterproof requirement. This would keep them going for years to come.

Q: Can you use the above ground pool ladder for an in-ground swimming pool?

A: These pools have different requirements for the ladder. Therefore, it's impossible to use the above ground pool ladder for an in-ground swimming pool. It is not safe and goes against every potential benefit you might need. You can’t use an in-ground swimming pool ladder for above-ground pools either.

Q: Do you need an above ground pool ladder for shallow pools?

A: You would need a pool ladder for any pool with a three or four-foot high wall. Because, at this point, you can’t simply walk out of them. To add safety, it is important to consider a pool ladder. The good news is that ladders for smaller ground pools come at a more affordable cost. However, You shouldn’t neglect safety because of the cost or price of the ladder.


These are all of the factors for you to consider. If you combine these features or factors, you can also determine the ease of use. It is pivotal for the pool ladders to be easy to use.

There wasn’t a mention of the ladder’s material because that depends on your price range. Almost any material is good enough if it can support the weight and prove to be durable.

Above ground pool ladders are important if you want to enjoy summers without any worries. From children to the elderly, they could be a valuable asset. In the long-term use, they prove to be highly valuable and worth every penny. / - © Copyright 2020