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Looking for a spacious tent to enjoy camping with your friends or family members? Stop searching. 4 person tents are here to the rescue.

These tents are quite spacious and can comfortably accommodate four persons. Now, you don’t have to set-up individual tents for your friends. However, you have to look into several factors before making a suitable purchase.

A buying guide presents you with all the necessary information that will aid you in selecting the best product. Also, you will find answers to common questions and queries.

But before that, you must have a clear picture of the product. Let us go through a quick introduction then move further with this comprehensive guide.

What are four-person tents, and why should you opt for them?

As the name suggests, a four-person tent is designed to accommodate four adults while camping. But you will have no extra space inside the tent when four full-grown people are inside the tent.

So, it will be an excellent decision to choose a four-person tent for one couple with their two little children. Also, three people can stay inside this tent comfortably.

Moreover, some single sleepers prefer a four-person tent as it offers more space for free movement.

When you plan for a camping outdoor with a large group, you can consider a 4 person tent. If you are staying alone, you can also keep a cot, air mats, etc. inside this tent.

It provides a lot of space where you can safely store your camping gear and other essential equipment, clothes, etc. Thus, you can save them from harsh elements as well.

Different Types

  1. A-Frame

A-Frame tent comes up with a rigid structure and a cover that is used over the structure. The high arches of these tents are very useful to withstand heavy rains.

Though these tents are very easy to set up, you can have headroom issues while staying inside the tents.

  1. Dome

The dome tents are lightweight, and they have an effortless set-up process. You will need poles to set up these tents. You will have a little more headroom, and the dome tents can be packed in a tiny size.

However, the bigger models do not have more stability, and you must need a rainfly to prevent snow and water from getting inside the tent.

  1. Tunnel Tent

These tents are more likely a dome tent, but they have a separate entrance. They are a little longer than the dome tents so you will get more space for sleeping.

They also have a better headroom and packing space. As these tents are bigger, they are heavier in weight as well.

  1. Geodesic Tent

You can consider the geodesic tent as an upgraded version of the dome tents. They are more stable because they are set up with more poles. But you need some special skills to set up these tents, so they are not ideal for the beginners. Moreover, they are a little bit more expensive than other models.

  1. Cabin Tent

Cabin tents are mainly 4 season tents that offer more room for the campers. So, you can choose them when you are coming with your family. Although these tents are taller, they have more weight. Thus, they are not convenient to carry.

  1. Pyramid Tent

These tents can be an ideal choice for backpacking because they are incredibly lightweight. However, the set-up process is a little complex.

  1. Pop-Up Tents

You can select the Pop-Up tents for both camping and backpacking. They do not need any additional poles, so they are very lightweight to carry. But you should not expect more stability from these tents.

Things to deem about before buying appropriate 4 Person Tents


Before buying the 4 person tents, you should keep in mind that not all the models have the same size or dimensions. It differs depending on the manufacturers as there is no universal standard to measure the size of the 4 person tent.

You will find some models marked as "4-person," but they can practically accommodate two adults and two children instead of four medium-sized adults.

You must check the peak height and the floor space to make sure 4 people can sleep inside the tents comfortably.

With a better peak height, the taller campers can move without any discomfort.

Sometimes "4-person" mentioned in the descriptions are specified for sleeping bags. So, if you plan to sleep on the air mattress, you must check the floor space beforehand.


It would help if you considered the overall weight of the 4 person tent before making your purchase.

Especially when you need your tent for backpacking, or you cover long distances, it will be better to check the weight in advance.

There are some significant factors like materials and size that determine the weight of the 4 person tents.

Typically, these tents weigh 3 lbs and 30 lbs, so you must check the weight while buying your tents.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty tent, it will be heavier in weight. But you can also find many lightweight models which are sturdy and durable as well.

Floor Space Vs. Interior Space

The interior space of the 4 person tent is as valuable as the floor space, so you must look for the information about the interior space given by the manufacturers.

Checking the floor space will give you a fair idea about the number of air mattresses or sleeping bags you can use inside the tent.

But the interior space should be considered accordingly while choosing the 4 person tent.

For instance, a tent with vertical walls does not have more floor space than a dome tent; still, you will feel it is more spacious when you are inside.

The vertical walls are responsible for providing the more space that you cannot find with sloped walls.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the interior space so that you can sit comfortably without cramping.

Packing Dimensions

Most people check the packing weight of the 4 person tent, but they overlook the packing dimensions.

Some tents, including backpacking tents, are extremely compressible to pack them in a compact size.

If you have a less foldable tent, it will become heavier after packing.

Packing dimensions are not crucial for car campers because they can transport the tent without any hassles. On the contrary, for hikers and backpackers, packing dimensions matter a lot besides the packing weight.

They should select the 4 person tent according to the packed size and packing weight as both have a high impact on the tents' overall weight.

You should always remember that the lightweight tents are more comfortable to carry and maintain because they do not strain the back or arms.

Weather Resistance

Though all the 4 person tents do not have the same weather resistance features, you should pick up a tent that can efficiently withstand rain and winds.

The tents' overall design and shape and the fabrics determine the weather resistance capacity of the tents.

You can look for the Hydrostatic Heat ratings to ensure the waterproofness of the fabrics. With a higher number, the tent will become more waterproof.

Some tents are also extremely resistant to winds. The frames are sturdy and durable enough to deal with strong winds effectively.

You can find some tents resistant to UV rays, and thus, they can filter out harmful UV rays to keep the tents safe.

Buying a tent with sealed or welded seams is also very useful to prevent any water leakage.

Set-Up Time

Another essential consideration you should make before buying your 4 person tent is to check the set-up time. Put simply; the set-up time refers to the amount of time a tent requires to get erected on the ground.

When you are hiking in rainy weather, you will want your tent to be set up quickly. It won't be very pleasant if the tent takes longer for pitching.

Also, you should practice how to open the tent in less time before you start your journey. It would help if you tried to set up the tent in the backyard to make sure how long it takes to get pitched.

At first, you can try to set up the tent alone, and then you can seek someone's help so that you can have better practice.

Also, it will give you a proper idea of the set-up time of your tent.


If you plan for a hiking or backpacking trip, you should remember that you need to carry your tent with you for camping.

When it comes to carrying the tents, you must look for a portable design that you can transport easily from one place to another.

You will find some 4 person tents which claim to be ultra-portable. However, you must do some homework and research instead of relying on the manufacturers blindly.

It is needless to mention that you cannot expect the same portability from all types of tents. It depends on the weight and packing size of the tents. It will be the right decision to select a lightweight model if you need to cover longer distances.

Therefore, you should search for a model that is available with a carrying case. It will help you to carry and maintain the tent effortlessly.


It is very crucial to pick up the right materials for the 4 person tents. Material is one of the most crucial buying factors that significantly impact the tents' performance.

You should select the material depending on the place and time you are going to camp.

If you are planning for a hiking or backpacking trip, any lightweight materials can serve your purpose. Also, there are some heavier materials used in designing the tents.

However, you should always choose a high-quality material that provides more stability and durability to the tents.

Below are some materials commonly used in constructing the poles of these tents—

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is a trendy material used in designing the tent poles. The best thing about aluminum is that it is lightweight but durable. You can choose standard aircraft aluminum for better durability. Moreover, it comes within a budget-friendly price range.

  1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is better than aluminum in terms of flexibility. If your target is to get flexible poles, you can quickly go for these materials. Though they are very easy to replace, you must be careful so that they do not get damaged during that time. You can consider these poles apt for tougher situations.

  1. Carbon fibers

You can consider carbon fiber as the highest quality material for tent poles. It is lightweight and provides more durability than any other material. But as it is a little more expensive, and you cannot find the replacement easily.


You should not overlook the assembly when you are about to buy a 4 person tent.

Some models take a few minutes where others require a longer time, and it entirely depends on the frame and the construction of the 4 person tents.

You can choose an instant tent designed with a fixed structure. The parts can be connected to place in less time. Also, it will come handy if you are caught by the rain suddenly.

Instant tents are also very helpful when you need to take rest after a long journey because you do not need to spend much time on pitching the tent.

You will usually need some assembly for the cabin tents and dome tents if you change your camping spot frequently. So, it will be imperative to look for the assembly in advance to make sure it will not annoy you at the time of camping.

Tent Shell and Rainfly

Commonly, polyester, nylon, or canvas are used in making the tent shell.

Canvas material offers more durability, but it is not a right choice for backpacking because of its heavier weight.

Both polyester and nylon ensure excellent performance. Still, it would be best if you chose them correctly.

Ripstop fabric is exceptionally resistant to tear, and it does not get punctured easily. So, it can be a suitable choice for the tent shell. Furthermore, you can go through the customer reviews available on the internet.

However, you must select a waterproof fabric that can protect you from getting wet during rains.

Waterproof Rating

There are some key factors that decide the water resistance capacity of the 4 person tent.

You should look for a rainfly which is attached to the outer shell of the tent. Also, you should check whether the rainfly fabric is waterproof or not.

The hydrostatic rating determines the waterproof rating. It shows you the capacity of the tent fabric to handle water before it starts soaking.

If you have the nylon fabric that comes with the 500mm waterproof rating, it is moderately resistant to water.

With the numbers going higher, you will get a better waterproofing feature for the tent shell.


Without considering your budget, you should not plan to buy your 4 person tent. It will be very unreasonable if you do not consider the price beforehand.

The first and foremost thing you should do to fix the budget is to do thorough research about the available price range. It will help you to narrow down your choices effectively.

One thing you should always bear in mind that going for an expensive tent does not always mean you will get precisely what you want.

Therefore, you must try to find a tent that meets up all those requirements without exceeding your budget.


You can search for the 4 person tents designed with vestibules. A vestibule works like a cloakroom where you can take off your dirty and muddy shoes before entering the tent.

If you remove the muddy shoes where you sleep inside the tent, that area will become very messy. On the other hand, you cannot leave the shoes outside.

So, having a tent designed with the vestibules will be incredibly essential to keep your gear securely, and it will not take the free space inside the tents.

Moreover, you should look for the headroom space while choosing the tent designed with vestibules. You can also use that space for cooking activities.

Vestibules featuring the drip-lines can be a great option to get rid of water dripping, and you will remain dry even though it is raining heavily.


It cannot be an excellent decision to choose your 4 person tent without considering comfort.

Generally, the 4 person tents can accommodate four moderate-sized adults, but you will not have more space inside the tent. Simply put, these tents are smaller than the regular camping tents.

It means these tents have less foot space, less headroom, and no vertical walls, so you will not get more interior space for free movement.

You can pack these lightweight tents without any extra effort, but you cannot get the expected result in terms of comfort.

If you need to change your camping spot regularly, you can go for lightweight tents without contemplating comfort. Nevertheless, you can choose a more massive tent for more comfort when you are planning for car camping.


People are more likely to look for water resistance features so that they can get protection from water and wind.

However, when you camp during summer seasons, you cannot escape the humid and hot weather conditions. It is challenging to sleep inside a tent, which is hot and muggy.

It is why you need the proper ventilation so that you can enjoy your camping without any discomfort. The 4 person tents which are equipped with meshes can provide better ventilation.

Removing the rainfly will increase the airflow that can give you relief from the hot and moist conditions.

You can also go for the roof vents to help eliminate the heat and moisture so that you can sleep conveniently.

Some tents allow you to roll up the sides. You can consider this in a dry and hot situation to make sure that all the campers feel comfortable inside the tents.

Tent Doors

When you buy a 4 person tent, you should consider the number of doors. Also, you should determine the orientation and shape of the doors according to your convenience.

If you are staying in the tents with 2 or 3 other people, you will need multiple doors to make sure that you can enter or exit the tent for emergency purposes without climbing over other occupants.

Most of the campers prefer cabin tents for this facility. You should also check whether the tent doors are noisy or not.


You can go for the 4 season tents that can deal with several weather conditions. So, while choosing the 4 person tents, you must ensure that the tents are strong and durable enough to withstand rainfall, snow and winds.

Some tents are designed explicitly for hotter weather, so they come up with fewer poles and more meshes. They are appropriate for eliminating heat and moisture.

Also, they can protect the campers from light rainfall. As these tents are less expensive, you can choose them for one-day camping.

You can go for 3 season tents which provide better protection for the campers. These tents are waterproof and built with sturdy and durable frames. You can also add a full-length rainfly to the tent exterior for better functionality.

Hence, it would help if you bought a versatile 4 person tent according to your camping requirements.


1. What is the assembling time for a four-person tent?

It takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble a four-person tent. Even if you are a first-timer, you can quickly go through the instructions and put it up in the right way.

2. What are the steps to keep the tent clean?

A 4 person tent is super-easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe any dirt on the tent using a wet cloth and then keep it for drying out in the open.

3. What is the key to a great four-person tent?

A high-quality four-person tent mainly requires two chief pointers to be kept in mind, namely: a durable tent material and an excellent pole strength.

Final Verdict

4 person tents allow you to enjoy a relaxing camping expedition with your loved ones. All you need is to pack the right tent for your journey.

For this, you can refer to this comprehensive buying guide. It contains all the critical factors that define the usability and performance of the product. Evaluate them with your requirements and make an informed decision. / - © Copyright 2020