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Tired of going to the spa to take a relaxing session after a long strenuous day? Don’t worry. Opt for suitable 2 person hot tubs to enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you want.

The product allows you to enjoy a relaxing session anytime. After a hectic day, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just fill-up the tub and have a relaxing evening.

The product allows you to experience the session with your loved one. However, you have to look into a certain feature before purchasing an option. There is no fun in making a quick decision and then repenting over it.

Owning an ill-fitted product will disrupt your experience and will make you repent over investing your money in it. You have to look into certain aspects like type, size, material, and other additional properties.

Gathering all the information on these features can take up a lot of your valuable time. You have to look into tons of pages online to collect all the details and facts. Moreover, you may not end with the correct ones.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide presents a simple solution to all these issues. It provides all the information at a single stop. You can quickly skim through the points and analyze your requirements. You will have access to all the correct details with which you can quickly funnel down the best option.

So, let us have a glance over a brief introduction to the product and then move further into this guide

What do you mean by a 2 person hot tub? Why do you need them?

2 person hot tubs are just regular hot tubs, which can accommodate two people within a relaxing space. From small inflatable hot tubs to large pre-installed hot tubs, you can find the hot tubs in various styles.

A necessity of 2 person hot tubs arises because a small hot tub can accommodate only a single person. In comparison, the large hot tubs are just too big and costly also. This hot tub provides you and your partner with an intimate space that you need. You and your partner can lay back and enjoy the hot tubs to your heart's content.

Why should I read this buying guide before purchasing a 2 person hot tub?

With several bands gloating over their products, you can quickly get confused while selecting a suitable option. To make an informed purchase, you should have prior knowledge about the product and its critical characteristics.

In this buying guide, you will get all the pointers laid out in a well-structured way. Go through them and have a cutting edge over the salesmen in the market and present yourself from getting duped.

So, without any further delay, let us dive into this immense pool of information.

Hardshell vs. Inflatable hot tubs

  1. Hardshell hot tubs

The hardshell hot tubs are professional hot tubs built with a hard shell, just like its name suggests. And these hot tubs remain in one position since they are not that movable.

The significant difference is in the walls of the hot tubs. As the name suggests, the hardshell hot tubs have hard walls. These rigid walls support the water to stay inside. Thus, these hot tubs are a lot more durable and more preferred.

They weigh a lot more than the inflatable hot tubs because the materials used in making them are heavier. Because of their weight, their movability is always difficult or sometimes even impossible.

These hot tubs can also be present at colder locations and outdoors too. This can be possible mainly because they last for a long time. They also have extra attachments, such as a built-in seat. There is no need to inflate these hardshell hot tubs to set up.

  1. Inflatable hot tubs

Unlike the hardshell hot tubs among the 2 person hot tubs, the inflatable hot tubs have a soft wall. They do not need a professional to set them up, just by easy pumping of air.

You can move these inflatable hot tubs from place to place with ease. This is possible because you can quickly deflate and inflate them. Hence, carrying a deflated, inflatable hot tub will allow you to set it up anywhere. The deflated inflatable hot tub is more comfortable to store too.

The soft-sided walls where the air fills makes use of strong materials for creating these amazing tubs easier to inflate/deflate. This is done to make it resistant to wear and tears and ensuring that the water stays in. The whole mechanism of the inflatable hot tubs is simple and easy to use.

Hence this makes it equally popular and preferred by people who want to move around with a hot tub.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate 2 person hot tubs


You often know the 2 person hot tubs to be bulkier or considerably big. This means size is an essential factor to consider while choosing the hot tub.

Consider the place where you are living and the size available to set up the hot tub. Even if you have an enormous bathroom, check which size of the hot tub you can fit in it.

Most of the time, there is not much space considering the bathroom to set up the hot tub. Hence, you can check if you can move it to the backyard instead? You must check all the space options to set up the hot tub.

Also, check with all the sizes of the 2 person hot tubs that can fit your available space.

Indoor or Outdoor

You must consider the place where you want the 2 person hot tubs to be. Depending on whether you want the hot tub to be indoor or outdoor, you can choose the hot tub.

If you were to choose the place of the hot tub set up to be outdoors, then various other factors come into the picture. The hot tub must be weather-resistant since the weather keeps changing, and if the hot tub is not weather-resistant, then it can lead to problems.

A cover and long cables which allow the hot tub to reach an electric outlet are also vital factors to consider. If none of these factors are acknowledged, then the hot tub will end up deteriorating fast.

But for indoor setup, such factors do not influence and there are easy options to decide from.


Some might feel weight would not matter much with hot tubs. But weight is also another crucial factor to consider while buying a hot tub.

Most of the hot tubs weigh around 79 pounds, while there are some which also weigh

600 pounds. The weight of the hot tub becomes important when you are transporting it and even while you are installing it.

If you were to install the hot tub in the second-floor bathroom, you ensure that the flooring can withstand that weight.

The weight of the hot tub also varies depending on the materials that are being used for making it and the extra accessories that present with it. Even the size of the hot tub affects its weight. If you want the hot tub to be movable, then it is better to opt for a lighter variant.

Look and style

The 2 person hot tubs come in various designs and styles. The hot tubs also have different shapes. Some are oval, while some are triangular.

A hot tub that looks good and welcoming is a great way to relax. The look and style of hot tub matters. With a great looking hot tub, you feel you can finally relax and ease your mind.

There are many exteriors that look attractive while some are relaxing too. All the other things added on like the lights, or the waterfalls etc. can also help improve your state of mind. They enhance the overall effectiveness of a hot tub.

The seating types influence the looks and style of the hot tubs. With all the additional add-ons included, the price also increases.

Depth and capacity

Depth in a 2 person hot tub means the possibility of fully submerging in the water of the hot tub. You can opt for more depth if you want to dip in the hot tub. But if you prefer not to soak much, then the hot tubs with shallower depth are for you.

The capacity is the amount of water the hot tub can hold. The capacity depends on the depth and size of the hot tub. Most of the hot tubs have a holding capacity of a range between 130-200 gallons.

With more depth, capacity, and jets included, the amount of comfort is paramount.

But as the depth and capacity, both increase so does the size of the hot tub. More than the size, the height of the hot tubs increases. Hence, you can opt for depth to a certain limit only.


A pump is an integral part of a hot tub. The pump works to circulate or fill the water into the hot tub. The pumps are also equipped with filters to help purify the water into the hot tub. A low-speed pump pumps the water into the hot tub.

For hot tubs with water jets, high-speed pumps are present. They help in providing soothing massages in the hot tub. Few hot tubs have both pumps. But if it were to be present, the output delivered differs from just having a single pump.

Depending on your necessities, choose which pump will suffice for your hot tub.

Materials & Durability

Materials to use in making a hot tub determines the durability. Hence, while buying a 2-person hot tub, choose the materials that offer you the most optimal durability depending on your budget and requirements.

Many other factors also play an essential role in deciding the material to use. Depending on where the hot tub will fit, you need to know if it needs to be weather-resistant or should need a roof.

Better the material, the better the durability will be. So if you need the durability for the hot tub to be good, then you will need it to make use of the highest quality materials while making it.


The 2 person hot tubs are comparatively less expensive. So, you must also consider your budget and requirements before choosing a hot tub.

The cost of the hot tub varies significantly depending on the hot tub style and size. The materials used in making the hot tub also influence the price of the hot tub. For a hot tub with the highest quality materials used, the price is likely to be higher. But for relatively cheaper materials, the price decreases.

The price range of the 2 person hot tubs is around the price between $1500 and $3000. Since they are one-time investments, a safe budget of $2500 is best to invest in buying a hot tub.


The hot tubs are expensive and despite being highly durable, always look for a warranty that comes with buying a hot tub.

In case something were to happen, and the hot tub gets terribly damaged, you cannot just replace it. If there are any problems and the hot tub runs a leak, then you have no other alternative than replacing it. It is pricey, and often everyone regards it as a one-time investment.

Hence while you consider buying a hot tub, always go for the extended warranty if you can get with it. Also, you must always examine the terms and conditions related to the warranty offered in the hot tubs.


Jets are the best part of the 2 person hot tubs. They are often said to be the best feature of the 2 person jacuzzi. With the help of the jets, you can get a relaxing massage on-demand. Hence, many people prefer to choose hot tubs with jets.

Having a hot tub along with the jets, you can relax and relieve your stress with a luxurious massage. There are different jets available, too, namely Hydro Jets, AirJets, and bubblers. The price of each varies significantly. The bubblers are the cheapest jets, while the hydro jets are costlier and offer more spa experience.

Hence, when you are considering buying a hot tub, take into account your available budget and also the experience you want to enjoy. There are other factors such as the strength, power, and the positioning of the jets to get the maximum output.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance of a hot tub is essential. Depending on the size and depth, you can realize the time and effort it would take in cleaning the hot tub.

The primary advantage of doing regular maintenance of the hot tub is that it helps the hot tub to last long. Making it last longer is not the only benefit you get. By doing so, you also ensure that the hot tub remains hygienic and water is clean.

Maintenance and cleaning can often tire as a one-person job, even if the hot tub is not that big. But if it were to be a large hot tub, then it becomes practically impossible. Hence getting a helping hand is better while you are deciding on doing your maintenance.

There are several maintenance materials already available in the market. The defoamers and chemicals for the hot tub help you achieve this. Another addition to helping you in your maintenance would be investing in a good-quality hot tub cover.

Heating system

The heating system is the most critical part of the hot tub. It is what makes the tub hot. The heating system helps in heating the water and keeping it so for some time.

A hot tub with an inadequate heating system can cause a lot of problems, such as not being able to maintain the heat of the water for a reasonable time or delay in the heating of water. Such inadequate hot tubs are plenty, so you need to check this while buying the hot tubs.

Having a hot tub that won't heat properly defeats the entire idea of having a hot tub. Hence you must carefully check the hot tubs for the efficiency of the functioning of the heating system. You should check all the reviews related to the particular hot tub.

Seating type

Seating in the hot tub allows you to sit back and relax in the water in the hot tub. Most of the hot tubs come with built-in seating and many more features.

The additional features include bubblers, jets, waterfalls, and lights. With all these, a comfortable seat is a must to enjoy these amenities.

There are various types of seats that come with the hot tubs based on the comfort they can provide. They are, namely, lounge seats, therapy seats, pivot seats, and much more. Each of these seats gives you a different level of comfort and massage too. The lounge seats are reclined type while the therapy seats are designed for intense back therapy.

Hence, while you choose the seating type, decide upon the intensity of the relaxing comfort you expect to get.

How To Clean A Hot Tub

Cleaning and doing maintenance for your hot tub is a tedious process. Instead of just wiping with a cleaning solution, there is much more to the cleaning process of the hot tub.

The primary reason to clean a hot tub would be because the same water, if kept, becomes stagnant in the hot tub for weeks together. And it is not hygienic. Even if you keep sanitizing it, the water can no longer stay unchanged. Replace the water in time, probably before it goes bad.

There are organic contaminants that stay after every time you use the hot tub. The organic contaminants mostly include body oils, cosmetics, sweat, etc. After some time, even the filter responsible for cleaning and filtering the water will also lose its efficiency. Thus, it is important to clean it in time.

The first step in cleaning a hot tub is to start by draining the water entirely and replacing it with fresh water. While you drain the water completely, replace or clean the filter. You can clean the filter by using a filter cleaning spray or washing the filter in a diluted cleaner. Leaving it to soak for 24 hours will make it clean. Even after this, if it remains dirty, you must replace it.

The next major step is to clean the hot tub shell using diluted bleach, hot tub cleaner, or diluted white vinegar. Use a soft cloth to remove the residue afterward. Now all you have to do is to fill it with clean water through the filter, such as a hose filter.


  1. I am looking to install the tub in the outdoor environment. Should I opt for a hard shell or soft shell type?

Hardshell tubs support the water inside and come with inside seating. It is durable enough to handle the weather environment and has a strong threshold against everyday wear and tear. They are the best option for the outdoor environment.

Softshell tubs need to be inflated and deflated to move around. They have high portability and have strong resistance against the tears. But some hard or pointed materials can result in punctures. So, they are not suited for outdoor environments.

  1. How many times should I drain the hot tub?

It depends on the usage of the product. Typically, you should drain it quarterly in a year. This will allow you to maintain the product for a long time. Dry it properly before filling it again.

  1. Should I clean the jet in the tub?

Yes, you should clean the tub jets so that they don’t get clogged with dirt and debris over time. With proper cleaning, they can maintain proper pressure in the tub.

Summing Up

With all the information under your possession, all you need is to select an elite option. Here in this guide, you will find all the critical factors that define the usability and performance of the product.

The tubs allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath anytime you want. So, go through the pointers in the guide and invest in an ultimate tub. / - © Copyright 2020